Defra news releases 2008

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May 2008

21 May 2008
Chief Veterinary Officer appointed 150/08

20 May 2008
Common Agricultural Policy "health check" reforms 149/08
Defra: living within our environmental means is more important than ever 147/08
British Waterways Chairman reappointed 148/08
Information Bulletin: Regional Fisheries, Ecology and Recreation Advisory Committee Chairs appointed 146/08
Woolas praises Emissions Trading System’s remarkable progress 145/08

19 May 2008
Funding boost for regional climate adaptation: Ruddock 144/08
New vision of climate change through Google Earth 143/08

16 May 2008
Information Bulletin: Bluetongue update: extension of protection zone to allow further vaccination 142/08
Detailed noise maps available at the click of a mouse 141/08

12 May 2008
Information Bulletin: Appointments to the Zoos Forum 140/08

9 May 2008
First “summer smog” of 2008 warning 138/08
Defra approves GM potato trial 139/08
Information Bulletin: European Bat Lyssavirus type 2 (‘bat rabies’) confirmed in Daubenton’s bat 137/08

8 May 2008
Bluetongue update: extension of protection zone to allow further vaccination; epidemiology report published 136/08
Chris Smith appointed as new Chair of the Environment Agency 134/08
Personal carbon trading evaluation published 135/08
‘Good progress’ on environmental stewardship 133/08
Statistical Release: Municipal Waste Management Statistics Provisional Quarter 2 2007/08 132/08

7 May 2008
Government tender for Bluetongue vaccine 131/08
Applications to discharge effluent into the Atlantic turned down 128/08
Northumbrian sewage treatment call-in requests turned down 129/08
Information Bulletin: rabies case in quarantine in South East England 130/08

2 May 2008
Horse passports – withdrawal of recognition from the Spotted Horse and Pony Society 127/08
Views sought on £34 million European Fisheries Fund 125/08
Information Bulletin: inspections on bee colony losses to be given higher priority 126/08
The Milk Roadmap 122/08

1 May 2008
Environmental talent key to economic growth: Ministers 124/08
Appointments to the reconstituted Committee on Radioactive Waste Management 123/08

April 2008

30 April 2008
Information Bulletin: Compensation for Bovine TB, BSE, Brucellosis and Enzootic Bovine Leukosis 121/08
Information Bulletin: Prohibited import of Goji plants 120/08
First batch of Bluetongue vaccine delivered 119/08

29 April 2008
Statistical Release: Air quality indicator for sustainable development 2007 final results 118/08

25 April 2008
Information Bulletin: Rabies case confirmed in puppy in quarantine 117/08
Information Bulletin: Feed contamination investigation 116/08
Information Bulletin: Review of the British Wool Marketing Board 115/08
Information Bulletin: EU ETS Phase I – New Entrant Reserve 114/08

24 April 2008
Statistical Release: Mushroom area England 2007 113/08

14 April 2008
Information Bulletin: Publication of Gyrodactylus salaris contingency plan for England 112/08

11 April 2008
Earnings and hours of Agricultural and Horticultural Workers - England and Wales – January 2008 111/08

9 April 2008
Waste wood – the untapped resource for Biomass Fuel 110/08
Woolas invites applications to £4m bio-energy grant fund 109/08

8 April 2008
Reappointment of Baroness (Brenda) Dean as Chairman of the Covent Garden Market Authority 108/08
Consultation on a strategy to protect the health of honey bees 107/08

7 April 2008
£310 million to help local authorities deliver carbon benefits through the diversion of over a million tonnes of England's waste from landfill 105/08
Information Bulletin: Lord Rooker announces publication of the UK’s views on the Common Agricultural Policy “Health Check” reforms 106/08

3 April 2008
Information Bulletin: Consultation on the proposed Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies Regulations 2008 104/08
Information Bulletin: Extension of Bluetongue protection zones 103/08
Bluetongue vaccination roll out plan published 102/08
Better protected seas promised in Marine Bill 101/08
New Environmental Permits will cut red tape, save money, and put a spotlight on high risk businesses 100/08

2 April 2008
Information Bulletin: Specified Animal Pathogens Order 2008 99/08
Benn takes the fight against climate change Into homes and communities 98/08

1 April 2008
Information Bulletin: EIG report published today 97/08
Minister welcomes the launch of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board 96/08

March 2008

31 March 2008
Information Bulletin: Compensation for Bovine TB, BSE, Brucellosis, and Enzootic Bovine Leukosis 95/08
Consultation on protecting our soils 94/08

28 March 2008
Information Bulletin: Extension of Bluetongue Protection Zones 93/08

27 March 2008
Information Bulletin: Commissioner appointments at commission for rural communities 92/08
Information Bulletin: Avian Influenza Update: wild bird monitoring area lifted 91/08
Weekly food waste collections can benefit the environment and save money 90/08
UK on track to meet Kyoto targets as emissions continue to fall 89/08
Statistical Release: UK climate change sustainable development indicator 88/08

25 March 2008
Appointments to English National Park Authorities and the Broads Authority 87/08
Defra launches new organic advisory service for farmers 86/08

20 March 2008
£2.5 million in UK funding for renewable energy partnership 85/08

19 March 2008
Extension of Bluetongue restricted zones 84/08
Statutory agricultural and horticultural levy rates for 2008/9 announced 83/08

18 March 2008
New centre of expertise for cutting carbon emissions across Whitehall 82/08

17 March 2008
Local authorities working together on waste: consultation published 81/08

14 March 2008
Animal Health – appointment of interim Chief Executive 80/08
Pest controller fined £1000 for offences resulting in the death of honey bees 79/08

13 March 2008
Carbon trading announcement and £30 million for public sector energy improvements: Benn 78/08
Statistical Release - UK Emissions of air pollutants - 2006 Results 76/08

11 March 2008
Pesticide Residue Committee – third quarter report 2007 74/08
£4 million to help local authorities fight climate change 77/08
Hilary Benn responds to review into handling of foot and mouth disease 75/08

10 March 2008
New Chair of Science Advisory Council announced 73/08

6 March 2008
Microchipping of foals – agreement reached on new rules covering the identification of equiade 72/08

5 March 2008
Avian influenza update: wild bird control area lifted 71/08

4 March 2008
No room for let up in the battle against litter says Minister 70/08
Defra launches National Standing Committee for farm animal genetic resources 69/08

February 2008

29 February 2008
Information Bullletin: Avian influenza update: control area in Dorset 68/08
Information Bulletin: extension of Bluetongue protection zone 67/08
Information Bulletin: H5N1 in Canada Goose – 11th case in wild bird 66/08
Information Bulletin: Compensation for Bovine TB, BSE, Brucellosis and Enzootic Bovine Leukosis 65/08
Information Bulletin: Consultation on Single Payment Scheme 64/08

28 February 2008
Review of competition and innovation in water 63/08
UK Delays Issuing EU Carbon Allowances 62/08
Pathfinders lead way to better rural services 61/08

26 February 2008
Animal Health launches news alert service 60/08
National Livestock Markets Roadshow 2008 59/08
Extra protection for the water vole 58/08

25 February 2008
Information Bulletin: SAPO licence restored to Merial Animal Health 57/08
Improving the water environment – second consultation on river basin planning 56/08
Climate change champions fulfil fact finding expedition in the Netherlands 55/08

22 February 2008
Information Bulletin: Bluetongue Update: Surveillance zone extended to Cornwall/Defra announces date for end of vector-free period 54/08
Information Bulletin: World Animal Health Organisation (OIE) grants UK FMD free status 53/08
Founding members of committee on climate change appointed 52/08

21 February 2008
£400 million for low-carbon Britain – Defra announces 2008/09 Budget settlement 51/08

20 February 2008
Prime Minister announces Youth Climate Change Champions 50/08

19 February 2008
Avian Influenza update: control and monitoring area merge 49/09
Government supports local communities to manage wild boar 48/08
Benn announces Government offsetting code 47/08

18 February 2008
Benn announces statutory review of 2050 climate targets 46/08

15 February 2008
Information Bulletin: Confirmation of oyster parasite in north Kent 45/08
Chief Scientific Advisor at Defra receives international science award 44/08

13 February 2008
Information Bulletin: Extension of bluetongue restricted zones 43/08

11 February 2008
New packaging waste recycling targets will deliver greater carbon benefits 41/08

8 February 2008
Information bulletin: extension of Bluetongue restricted zones 42/08
Statistical release: municipal waste management statistics: Provisional Quarter 1 2007/08 37/08

7 February 2008
Revised rates of Hill Farm Allowance for 2008 40/08
Securing water for the future 38/08
Information bulletin: sickness absence statistics, Defra 39/08

5 February 2008
2006 UK results for EU Emissions Trading Scheme published 36/08

4 February 2008
Defra seeks views on new charging scheme for CITES licences 35/08
Benn pledges £34 million to implement Pitt Review recommendations 34/08

1 February 2008
Extension of Bluetongue Restriction Zones 33/08
Legislation introduced for Salmonella National Control Programme 32/08
Avian influenza update: two further swans positive for H5N1 31/08
Information Bulletin: Compensation for Bovine TB, BSE, Brucellosis and Enzootic Bovine Leukosis 30/08

January 2008

31 January 2008
Defra announce UK farm incomes rise by 8.7 per cent 29/08
UK emissions figures down, but “much more must be done”: Benn 28/08
Statistical Release: Regional sustainable development indicators for the English regions 27/08
Statistical Release: UK climate change sustainable development indicator: 2006 greenhouse gas emissions, final figures 25/08

30 January 2008
Information Bulletin: Avian Influenza Update: Seventh Swan Positive for H5N1 26/08
Dorset Avian influenza epidemiology report published 24/08
Defra announce first results from monitoring the impact of 0 per cent set aside rate 23/08

28 January 2008
Adair Turner appointed to head climate committee 22/08
Single Payment Scheme ’10-month rule’ replaced 21/08
How Women's Land Army veterans can get the recognition they deserve - Benn 19/08

26 January 2008
Information bulletin: Avian influenza update: further swan positive for H5N1 20/08

24 January 2008
Statistical release: Air quality indicator for sustainable development 2007 provisional results 16/08

23 January 2008
Bird registration is retained 18/08
UK welcomes EU climate change proposals 17/08

22 January 2008
Information bulletin: UK Chemicals Stakeholder Forum (UKCSF) announces its new terms of reference

21 January 2008
Information bulletin: Pig meat exports protocol proposal 13/08

20 January 2008
Information bulletin: Avian influenza update: further swan positive for H5N1 15/08

18 January 2008
Information bulletin: Eves Review consultation summary 12/08

16 January 2008
UK manufacturers join consumer electronics efficiency initiative 11/08
Information bulletin: Avian influenza update: further swan positive for H5N1 08/08

15 January 2008
Information Bulletin: Bovine TB Science Advisory Body established 10/08

14 January 2008
Information Bulletin: Phytophthora kernoviae found on Vaccinium 09/08
Encouraging greener living – Defra publishes public attitudes research 07/08

11 January 2008
Waste exports: better protection for developing countries 06/08

10 January 2008
Avian Influenza H5N1 confirmed in wild birds in Dorset 05/08
Geological disposal of radioactive waste - consultation responses published 04/08

9 January 2008
Advice to pregnant women during the lambing season 03/08

7 January 2008
Hilary Benn highlights importance of caring for pets 02/08

4 January 2008
Strong support received for the GB strategy to tackle invasive non-native species 01/08

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