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The international plan to help Africa and the progress since G8


PM signs up to deal on Africa

Tony Blair with leaders from an African delegation at the G8 summit in Germany 8 June 2007; image copyright: Reuters

The Prime Minister has signed up to a host of renewed pledges on Africa at the G8 summit in Germany.

It emerged today that G8 leaders have agreed a multibillion-pound package to boost the fight against Aids and provide free schooling for African children.


The PM's views on Africa

Prime Minister Tony Blair "Africa will change its destiny from one of decline to advance."

Prime Minister Tony Blair Photo Chris Young/Crown Copyright"Make Poverty History has been the most extraordinary civic society campaign."



"Profoundly shameful"

Prime Minister Tony Blair The anniversary of the abolition of slavery is a chance to express "deep sorrow"

Development in Africa

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Two years on from G8

African child Looking back at the progress since the Gleneagles summit