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Recent LHO publications
Intelligent health partnerships 2008Intelligent health partnerships 2008
The annual review of the Association of Public Health Observatories for 2007
4 December 2007

Health Inequalities Intervention ToolHealth Inequalities Intervention Tool
This is an updated version of the tool which allows spearhead PCTs to model the impact of interventions on their life expectancy gap.
23 August 2007

New from the LHO
Commissioning - Joint strategic needs assessment
14 January 2008

Indications of public health in the English regions 9: older people
25 January 2008

LHO Monthly Newsletter - February 2008
7 February 2008

The quality of maternity services in London: a summary of the Healthcare Commission surveys
15 February 2008

Indicator 1.3 - Data - The proportion of people of working age in employment
November 2007

Indicator 1.6 - Data - The percentage of residents claiming council tax benefits
November 2007

Latest news in public health
Breast cancer services must meet challenge of increased incidence, says world’s first national mastectomy audit
11 March 2008

Evaluation of the Impact of the Licensing Act 2003
6 March 2008

Safe Births: Everybody’s business - An Independent Inquiry into the Safety of Maternity Services in England
6 March 2008

'Drugs: protecting families and communities' - 2008-2018 strategy
28 February 2008

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