Pre-Budget Report 2001

Tuesday 27th November 2001.

All Inland Revenue news releases and publications relating to the Pre-Budget Report can be found here.

Additional publications relating to the Report will also be available from the HM Treasury Web Site.

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News Release

Inland Revenue and HM Treasury

REV/HMT 1: Income tax allowances and national insurance contributions (HTML) (PDF 26K)

REV/HMT 2: Enterprise in disadvantaged communities (HTML) (PDF 31K)

REV/HMT 3: Enterprise and innovation - the key to a modern business environment (HTML) (PDF 33K)

HM Treasury

HMT1: The Pre-Budget Report: Building a Stronger, Fairer Britain in an Uncertain World (HTML) (PDF 53K)

HMT 2: Protecting The Environment, Today And For The Future (HTML) (PDF 34K)

Inland Revenue & Customs and Excise

REV/C&E:1 Boosting investment and growth for small businesses (HTML) (PDF 24K)

Customs and Excise

C&E 1: Tackling fraud and smuggling (HTML) (PDF 22K)

Related Information

Technical Notes

Review of Links With Business

Partial Regulatory Impact Assesments

Double Taxation Relief

Stamp Office

Review of Payroll Services - Patrick Carter