Bali Diary

Anticipation building…

Phil Woolas, Friday 10.30am, back in Oldham. It’s getting really exciting now. Hilary Benn is in India for the final round of pre Bali lobbying. Tremendous boost today from Prince Charles. His Corporate Leader’s Group have come out strongly in favour of taking action now to tackle climate change. This group includes some of the world’s biggest companies - e.g. Tesco, Nike, Nokia. Also heard Roger Harrabin on the Today programme this morning setting the scene for Bali. He made the point that the meeting is the annual UN Conference on Climate Change. That’s right. Bali is not just a one-off but part of a process.

Hectic day yesterday. Started early with a business breakfast in the city - investors looking for certainty and wanting to know which technologies to back. Then down to Westminster to meet with the All Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group. Lots of people there keen to find out what we think we can achieve in Bali. Colin Challen MP very effectively chairs the group. He promotes the policy of Contraction and Convergence to reduce emissions.

Also had a great meeting with Toyota Europe. They are the world leader in hybrid cars and their plans for powering cars in the future are mind blowing. It gives me real confidence that we will see the step change in vehicle technology we need. My own Government car is a Toyota Prius, which I’m getting used to.

As I’m writing this (10.43am) Greenpeace are on the television - apparently they’ve sent us a memo ahead of Bali. This is so fast moving it’s difficult to keep up with!

Our team arrive in Bali on Monday to start the preparations…

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