Bali Diary

Fasten your seatbelts!

Phil Woolas with Sir Nicholas Stern at Singapore AirportPhil Woolas, Monday 11.10am/7.10pm. Somewhere over the South China SeaOn the last leg of the the flight to Bali with Sir Nicholas Stern. The past few days have been very frustrating as the conference has been going on for six days and it’s only now that Hilary and I can take part.

Mind you, I’ve had a very busy week. Spoke to the LGA Climate Change Conference in Leicester, had the debate on the performance of Defra in the House of Commons on Tuesday evening and then our regular Defra questions on Thursday. I’ve also had meetings with my counterpart in Norway, the Minister of Environment and Development, Erik Solheim and a detailed meeting with Johan Eliasch on deforestation. Wednesday was mostly devoted to our upcoming Water Strategy which we are publishing in January. Spent Friday and Saturday in the constituency (thank goodness).

The big news for Bali has been the passing of the cap and trade bill in the US Senate Committee. Senator John Kerry has two powerful articles published in the International Herald Tribune and Boston Globe. He says a US cap and trade scheme is inevitable.

Phil Woolas speaking at the LGA Climate Change ConferenceFor me, terrible frustration as the television interviews we had lined up on Friday morning were dropped for some other breaking news. A real shame as I wanted to highlight the potential for success in Bali (and I was going to wear my colourful “batik” shirt, which was a present from the Indonesians!) on GMTV.

Never mind, the station that matters (BBC Manchester) gave a good round-up and I did a 4 minute interview on Friday’s drive-time show.

I’m writing this on the plane and it is already Monday evening. I’ve read all my briefing and feel well prepared but very nervous………..”fasten your seatbelts!”

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