Bali Diary

Will we get a deal?

Phil Woolas, 16.45 (8.45am UK time). Wow. Just hosted a meeting with China on where we go from here. Hilary is deep in the negotiations. The stakes couldn’t be higher. I’d met the Chinese Minister twice before so there was a mutual rapport. Also, although I’m not allowed to name them, I was backed up by ‘James’ and ‘Harold’ who have 40 years experience between them. We just don’t appreciate how good our civil servants are.

Before that we’d met with colleagues from Nigeria, who are a key player in the Africa group. For them climate change is all too real and the scale of the problems they deal with make our tribulations seem minor. At least I could look my counterpart in the eye as they recognised the UK contribution.

There is an incredible atmosphere here now. People are starting to leave and I am just packing my suitcase to catch the midnight flight. We may have to leave Hilary with his small team if the talks go through the night. But in the meantime, all of us are speculating, debating and analysing the possible outcomes.

You will probably read the result before I do as I could be on the plane. Will we get a deal? Probably, but now we have to look ahead to the next round.

Over lunch, the UK hosted a meeting with the World Bank and a dozen other countries to discuss ways of backing up the Bali roadmap with real money. The Environmental Transformation Fund means the UK is in a good place to discuss this.

I feel incredibly proud to have a role here, terribly scared of failure, and utterly humbled by some of the people I’ve met. What I am sure of, having seen us in action here, is that the United Kingdom can be proud.

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