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United Nations

Last updated: January 2008

Mission: The Mission of the United Nations Strategy is to strengthen the capacity of the United Nations to:
  • anticipate, analyse and address the causes and symptoms of conflict
  • mandate, lead and manage peace operations, drawing on effective and well trained military forces and civilian personnel and, where appropriate, in co-operation with regional and sub-regional organisations, and
  • build long-term, sustainable peace.
Aims and Objectives

The three headline aims of UN Strategy are:

1. To improve the UN system’s early action to prevent conflict through:

  • Stronger UN inter-agency mechanisms to prevent conflict in the early stages, before violence erupts
  • A more effective UN mediation and good offices function
  • More effective UN early attention/early warning to potential conflicts through access to external analysis and expert networks

2. To improve the quality of UN peacekeeping in the following areas:

  • Better led peace support operations
  • More, better trained personnel (military, police and civilian), clearer operational guidelines and knowledge management mechanisms and better planning of complex missions through supporting DPKO's 5 year reform agenda and targeted secondments

3. To improve UN operational effectiveness in peacebuilding, including development of an effective Peacebuilding Commission and Peacebuilding Support Office, through:

  • Increased UN inter-agency policy development and training on peacebuilding
  • Greater UN access to external best practice and policy analysis on peacebuilding
  • A more effective UN and international approach to cross-cutting issues including the Responsibility to Protect, sexual exploitation and abuse, gender, Children Affected by Armed Conflict

This Strategy will be closely co-ordinated with diplomatic and other action by the UK Government in pursuit of the same goals. Where appropriate, it will be co-ordinated with the activity of partners across the UN system, including other Member States.

For more information please e-mail UN-peacekeeping.gcpp.enquiries@fco.gov.uk

This is an external link For more information about the UK at the UN, please visit the website of the UK Mission to the United Nations in New York.