Future Arrangements for Great Britain's Gas Quality Specifications

Starting Date: 29-12-05

Closing Date: 24-03-06

An independent study commissioned by the Government during 2003 identified that some future gas imports to Great Britain may not conform to the gas quality specifications in the Gas Safety (Management) Regulations 1996, and would not therefore be suitable for supply to consumers without certain remedial measures being implemented.

The available options for addressing this issue are either

(1) to retain the current specifications, requiring off-specification imports to be blended or processed to comply with existing limits, or

(2) to amend one or more of the limits within the current specifications to enable gas imports from a wider variety of sources without processing.

These options are not binary. There may be important combinations of the two where, for example, a small change to the gas specifications is supplemented by marginal blending or gas processing, or where blending and processing provide a transitional approach to a longer-term change in the specifications.

Since January 2004 the Government has been engaged in additional research, and has worked closely with a number of stakeholders, to identify the costs, benefits and risks of these options. This consultation explains the policy background to the gas quality issue, and sets out the analysis that DTI (now BERR) has undertaken. It invites views on this analysis and the Government’s proposals.

Views are invited from members of the gas supply industry, gas transmission and distribution businesses, gas appliance manufacturers, consumers and other interested parties. Opinions are welcomed on improvements to the alternatives presented or suggestions for entirely new approaches. The results of this exercise will be used to inform policy decisions during 2006.

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