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Concordat Between the Cabinet Office and the Cabinet of the National Assembly for Wales

Annex D – Cabinet Office Services

(see paragraph 29)

  1. CCTA: consultancy and procurement services in information technology*.
  2. GCDA: driver and car services, and secure mail services.
  3. PACE: co-ordination and advisory services on the management of property assets*.
  4. TBA: procurement services, making available a wide range of quality-assured products and services*.
  5. CSC: training and related consultancy services, delivered as part of the Centre for Management and Policy Studies.
  6. COI: advice on and procurement of publicity services and communications for all media.
  7. Security Facilities Division (SAFE): advice and support services for physical security.

* The Buying Agency will become an Agency of the Office of Government Commerce on 1 January 2000, and CCTA and PACE likewise on 1 April 2000.

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