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Sport In The Royal Navy

Why Sport Is Important

  • Sporting opportunities in the Royal Navy have never been greater than in recent years, with the majority of sports, including Football, Rugby, Cricket and Basketball now available.

    More 'traditional' sports, such as Rugby, Netball and Hockey, continue to be strongly supported and all teams are always on the lookout for new talent.

Sport In The Royal Navy

Royal Navy Sporting Activities

  • Event: ABA Junior Championship 2007

    5th May 2007
    Location: Crystal Palace

    Class 4 winners:
    • Martin Ward
    • James Dickens
    • Gamal Yafai
    • Paul O'Sullivan
    • John McDonagh
    • Timmy Aspell
    • Steve Barnes
    • Anthony Fowler
    • Ryan Aston
    • Jordan Dennis
    • Jorgen Cetaj
    • Declan Fusco
    • Nelson Smith
    Class 5 winners:
    • Michael Joyce
    • Lewis Petitt
    • Billy Morgan
    • James Barker
    • Iain Weaver
    • Ronnie Heffron
    • Callum Smith
    • Jonson McClumpha
    • Mark Nugent
    • Kirk Garvey
    • James Pollock
    • Nathan Seager
    • Liam Augustine
    Class 6 winners:
    • Lee Ward
    • Oscar Webb
    • Bradley Evans
    • Michael Hadfield
    • Robert Davies
    • Dudley O'Shaughnessy
    • Scott Cardle
    • Jack Arnfield
    • Pender Smith
    • Shane Griffiths
    • Columb Henry
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Featured Sportsperson

  • Profile
    Peter Reed
    Engineering Officer
    Recent achievements (Coxless Four):
    • World Cup Gold Medal, Eaton, UK
    • World Cup Gold Medal, Munich, Germany
    • World Cup Gold Medal, Lucerne, SUI
    • World Cup Champion Gold Medal 2006
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