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The world is changing quickly and that means new challenges and opportunities for all of us. Scientific and technological breakthroughs are impacting on the way we live our lives and do business and the UK's economic position is, more than ever, dependant on how it reacts to increased global competition.

We want the UK's businesses and citizens to prosper and flourish. To be able to do this, the country needs its workforce to be equipped with a world class skills base so that we can compete against our international peers.

Improving the nation's Skills is at the heart of the Government's agenda to ensure that the UK is a powerhouse of prosperity and social justice.

In December 2006, Lord Leitch published the final report of his independent review into the UK's skills needs. He identified skills as one of the most important drivers of a successful economy and a just society that offers opportunities for all citizens, regardless of their background. In July 2007, the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills published World Class Skills: implementing the Leitch Review of Skills in England in response to Lord Letich's report. Building upon the foundations of the 2003 and 2005 Skills Strategy white papers, World Class Skills (July 2007) will take this agenda forward, tackling the skills challenge and so that that the UK can be a world leader in skills by 2020. We are working with partners, employers, and learners to create a partnership to deliver our skills and economic ambitions.

Please explore the below pages to find out more about World Class Skills.

About World Class Skills

Following this link will give you an overview of the Government's skills strategy.

Find out more about the Skills Strategy

Delivery and providers

This page provides an overview on how reforms will enable learning providers to help successfully deliver our skills ambitions.

Find out more about Delivery and Providers

The Skills Campaign

This website provides information and resources for the Skills Campaign: 'Our future. It's in our hands.'

Find out more about the Skills Campaign

Register of Education and Training Providers

Any education institution recruiting international students should select the following link for guidance.

Find out more about Register of Education and Training Providers in the UK

Information for employers

This page provides helpful information to get started on up-skilling your workforce.

View Information for Employers

Information for learners

Follow this link if you are looking to further develop your skills for a more fulfilling career.

View Information for Learners

Skills for Life

This information source provides everything you need to know about the Skills for Life strategy, including literacy, language and numeracy.

Find out more about the Skills for Life strategy

FE and Skills E-newsletter

This newsletter is for all colleges and providers, adult education services and partner organisations to keep you updated on the latest developments in FE and Skills policy.

Find out more about the new FE and Skills E-newsletter and how to subscribe