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Veterans Day 2008 LogoVeterans Day 2008
More than two hundred and fifty Veterans Day events took place in 2007 - a huge increase from 2006.  Atrocious weather conditions affected many events including the National event in Birmingham where constant heavy showers dampened the event but not the spirit. Indeed Veterans Day 2007 will always be remembered for the weather ....more

Link to Extension of the scope of the Medical Assessment Programme (MAP) pagesExtension of the scope of the Medical Assessment Programme (MAP)
The Government has for some time been concerned about the number of veterans suffering from mental health problems which are related to their active service ....more

Link to HM Armed Forces Lapel Badge pageHM Armed Forces Lapel Badge
Did you serve in HM Armed Forces ? Men and Women who enlisted in HM Armed Forces between 3 September 1945 and 31 December 1994 are entitled to a Veterans Badge. There is no qualifying length of Service ....more

Link to the Bevin Boys pagesBevin Boys Badge
The Badge can be issued to: Men who were conscripted directly into the mines, those who opted formine work in preference to joining the Armed forces or those who opted for mine work or those who were in the Armed Forces and volunteered to become miners during the period 1943-1948 ....more

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