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Codes of Conduct for:

Civil Service Ethics and Standards - index page

Committee on Standards in Public Life - an introduction, with links to the Committee's own pages and to Government responses to its reports


Departmental Evidence and Response to Select Committees (the 'Osmotherley Rules') - guidance to civil servants on giving evidence to Select Committees of Parliament and responding to Select Committee reports

Directory of Civil Service Guidance - Directory of - a compendium of Civil Service guidance
- Volume 1[PDF 322 KB]
- Volume 2[PDF 309 KB]


Devolved Administration and Local Elections 2007: Guidance on conduct for civil servants [PDF 99KB]

Elections to the Scottish Parliament, The National Assembly for Wales, and Local Elections in England 2003: Guidance on Conduct for Civil Servants [PDF 72KB]

Elections to the European Parliament, Local Authorities and the Greater London Authority 2004: Guidance for civil servants on their role and conduct [PDF 68 KB]


General Election Guidance 2005 [PDF 205KB]

Government response to the Public Administration Select Committee's Report of the 2001-02 Session "These Unfortunate Sessions" [PDF 179KB]

Government response to the Ninth Report of the Committee on Standards in Public Life [PDF 124KB]

Guidance for Crown Servants - Giving Evidence or Information about Suspected Crimes [PDF 86 KB]

Guidance for Departments - handling of Members and Peers correspondence

Guidance for Departments and Investigators - Giving Evidence or Information about Suspected Crimes [PDF 87 KB]

Guidance on Election Guidance on written consultation exercises

Guidance for civil servants involved in Government Communication activities - Propriety guidance for civil servants, including Press Officers, involved in government communication activities. [External website]

Guidance to officials on Drafting Answers to Parliamentary Questions


Handling Correspondence from Members of Parliament, Members of the House of Lords, MEPs and Members of Devolved Assemblies [PDF 256KB]

Handling of Ombudsman cases: Guidance for Departments (pdf)


List of Ministerial Responsibilities - a list of all UK Government Ministers, Departments and Agencies, specifying the issues for which each individual Minister is responsible

Lobbyists, Guidance for civil servants on contact with

Local election guidance 2006 [PDF 161KB, 5 Pages]


Ministerial Code - A Code of Conduct and Guidance on Procedures for Ministers.

Ministers and Departments - index page

Ministers, List of- a complete up-to-date list of all UK Government Ministers

Model Contract for Special Advisers - sets out the principal terms and conditions of employment for Special Advisers to Ministers


North East Referendum: Legal restrictions under the political parties, elections and referendums act [PDF 172KB]


Ombudsman In Your Files

Ombudsman Schemes: Guidance for Departments (pdf)

Reform of Public Sector Ombudsmen Services in England: A consultation paper


Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration


Referendums on Establishing Elected Regional Assemblies: Guidance for Civil Servants on their Role and Conduct [PDF 116 KB]

Reform of Public Sector Ombudsmen Services in England: A consultation paper

Review of the Public Sector Ombudsmen in England: A Consultation Paper [PDF 94 KB] invites comments on the recommendations contained in the Review of the Public Sector Ombudsmen in England. [PDF 117 KB]


Special Advisers - Code of Conduct

Sponsorship of Government Activities - Guidance to Departments.


Travel by Ministers - guidance on the use of official cars and on rail and air travel.