New affordable housing provision

The Government believes everyone should have the opportunity of a decent home, which they can afford, within a sustainable mixed community. Provision of housing should meet the needs of the whole community, including those whose needs are not met by the housing market, and should include a good balance of housing types and tenures.  

Affordable housing includes social rented housing and intermediate housing (e.g. shared equity) provided for households whose needs are not met by the housing market.

The Government also supports some households (e.g. key workers, social tenants) in their aspirations to buy a home through providing shared equity homes. Affordable homes are provided at sub-market prices, and restricted to specified types of household.  The Housing Corporation provides social housing grant to registered social landlords and other bodies to provide additional affordable homes.

This section includes Government publications (including research), information on the Shared Equity Task Force and rural affordable housing. More information can be found on the Housing Corporation website.

Key publication release

  • Delivering Affordable Housing
    Published with PPS3 in November 2006 to support key players in delivering more high quality affordable housing. Outlines the policy challenge and delivery mechanisms available (providers, products, funding).

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