Decent Homes

Communities and Local Government's aim is:

To bring all social housing into decent condition, with most of the improvement taking place in deprived areas, and to increase the proportion of private housing in decent condition occupied by vulnerable groups.

Since 2001 we have reduced the number of non-decent homes in the social housing sector by over 50 per cent. Communities and Local Government is determined to build on this success to improve the living conditions of social tenants across the country.

By 2010 we expect 95 per cent of all social housing to meet a decent standard. We are negotiating with some social landlords to set dates for delivery beyond 2010, where it is necessary to achieve better value for money, or higher standards of housing.

This section provides practical information for social landlords on the Delivering Decent Homes and Housing Standards pages. Further guidance and documents can be found on the Publications page.

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