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Welcome to the Prison Service website

On this site you can find out about the work carried out in prisons throughout England and Wales.

Whether you're looking for job opportunities, have a friend or family member in prison or simply want to find out more about the Service, this site has been designed to provide the information you need.

HMP Kirkham wins Elton Trophy - 28 Sep 07
The woodwork enterprise team at HMP Kirkham has won this year's national Elton Trophy for prison industries.
Forum for Preventing Deaths in Custody publishes first Annual Report – 21 Sep 07
The Forum for Preventing Deaths in Custody, an independently-chaired high level group to reduce deaths in all types of state custody including prisons, has today published its first annual report, covering the work undertaken in its first 18 months.

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Intensive Development Scheme 2006
Intensive Development Scheme
Earn his trust and earn rapid promotion. This fast-track scheme is designed for future leaders of the Prison Service.

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