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International trade: Customer Information Notes - GEN/07/141

Low pathogenic avian influenza in North Wales: Export Trade


To inform exporters that low pathogenic avian influenza subtype H7N2 has been confirmed on a farm in North Wales. The affected flock is being slaughtered and a restricted zone of approximately one kilometre radius has been imposed around the holding.


Defra will be issuing information about the incident and regularly updating the Avian influenza latest situation page on the Defra website. We are also issuing Customer Information Notes (CINs) about international trade.

Intra-Community Trade

Restrictions apply within the one kilometre zone around the infected premises but apart from that trade from the UK to other Member States can at present time carry on as normal.

Exporters can continue to apply for intra-Community trade export health certificates for poultry, hatching eggs and captive birds from local Animal Health Divisional Offices in the normal way. Such certificates give ‘area’ freedom from avian influenza.

Poultry meat and poultry meat products and other poultry products can continue to move to other Member States on commercial documents. Exporters have a responsibility to know the origin of their product.

Non EU Exports

Many non-EU export markets have remained closed to UK exporters of live poultry, captive birds, poultry meat and poultry products since 3 February 2007 because of the Suffolk outbreak of H5N1. Over the past months, Defra has agreed with certain overseas governments to accept UK consignments subject to additional health assurances but we now need to check that overseas governments are still willing to accept consignments in view of the confirmation of low pathogenic H7N2 in Wales. We have withdrawn export certificates for all live birds to non-EU countries until we have confirmation of the position from overseas governments.

As a precautionary measure, all poultry related export health certificates have today been made unavailable until we have given instructions to Divisional Veterinary Managers and local Animal Health Divisional Offices (AHDO) about the basis under which they can issue third country certification. We hope that by tomorrow we will be able to continue to make export health certificates available for hatching eggs, poultry meat and poultry products to non-EU countries provided the condition relating to avian influenza can be signed by an Official Veterinarian. AHDOs will issue these certificates entirely at the exporters risk with a disclaimer.

Exporters who have an imminent consignment or who have a planned export within the forthcoming weeks should contact their local Animal Health Divisional Office for advice about whether the consignment can proceed.

Defra has been issuing regular situation reports since the Suffolk H5N1 outbreak providing as up-to-date information as we have on import bans or restrictions. We will continue to do that in the light of the North Wales outbreak. We cannot guarantee that the information is comprehensive but it will include what information has come to our attention. – see Customer Information Notes (CINs) web link above.

Any feedback from companies about countries reactions to avian influenza in the UK would be welcome.

CIN Circulation List

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Further Enquiries

If you have any enquiries or comments concerning this Customer Information Note please contact your local Animal health Divisional Office.


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Page published: 21 May, 2007

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