Projects and infrastructure

West Coast Main Line

North London Line: Closure Stratford-North Woolwich (562 kb)

This letter contains the decision of the Secretary of State to allow the proposed closure of the North London Line between Stratford and North Woolwich to go ahead.

25 October 2006

Crossrail Hybrid Bill

Information about the Crossrail Hybrid Bill with links to supporting documents.

Intercity Express Programme

Thameslink 2000

Waterloo International

Channel Tunnel Rail Link

Information on all aspects of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link including the construction process, environmental issues, regeneration potential, management and funding, and a timeline of events in the planning of the project.

Network Rail

Report on reducing bureaucratic burdens on Network Rail.


Information on the rail infrastructure, including links to current rail projects.

High Level Review of Central Railway Project (335 kb)

Previously published on the SRA website.

24 August 2006