Shipping and ports

A safe and thriving global shipping industry is vital to the UK economy. Our domestic shipping and ports activities and strong global maritime influence help to protect the UK's interest in this area by promoting a competitive, safe, efficient and sustainable environment for this trade to take place.

For information on Maritime Security, see the Transport Security index page.

For information on the transport of radioactive materials, see the Dangerous goods transport index page.

An introduction to maritime

An introduction to the Department for Transport's range of responsibilities covering the maritime industry.

26 January 2007


This section provides information for the shipping industry on the environment and on safety. Additional information is provided specifically for the UK shipping industry.


This section contains documents relating to a national standard for port marine safety, decision letters and reports of public inquires, good practice advice for all trust ports in the UK and port environmental information pages.

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10 July 2003
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09 February 2006