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Cities and regions

Communities and Local Government aims to create economically strong cities and regions which drive forward national prosperity and provide opportunity and social justice for all. We are creating vibrant, diverse and attractive places where people want to live, work and play.

We are doing this by narrowing disparities in growth rates by maximising the economic performance of all regions, and providing the tools and powers to enable them to compete better on the international stage.

Featured item

The State of the English Cities
This is an independent report to Communities and Local Government by a group of city experts led by Professor Michael Parkinson. It provides a comprehensive audit of urban performance in England and a review of the impact of government policies upon cities. The updated data unpinning the analysis in the report is contained in the State of the Cities Database (SOCD).

Meeting the regional economic challenge: The importance of cities to regional growth
This joint Treasury, Communities and Local Government and DTI paper was published alongside the 2006 Budget. It builds on the State of the English Cities report to provide further analysis of the critical role cities play in driving economic growth.

In this section

  • An overview of city and regions
    • Background to and summary of Communities and Local Government’s policies for cities and regions.
  • City-Regions and Smaller Cities and Towns
    • Illustrates the importance of cities to regional growth, provides an understanding of city-regions and highlights how we are working with stakeholders to support the long-term economic growth of places across England.
  • Regional
    • Contains information about the Government Office Network, Greater London Authority, Regional Assemblies and Development Agencies.
  • European
    • In this section you can find information about the European Regional Development Fund, International Planning, State Aid and the European Urban Knowledge Network (EUKN).
  • Regeneration
    • Details of regeneration programmes including the former coalfield areas and information on English Partnerships, Regional Development Agencies, the Single Regeneration Budget and Urban Regeneration Companies.
  • Sustainable urban design
    • Good design is essential in creating and maintaining quality places where people want to live and work, now and in the future.
  • Property issues
    • Commercial property issues and guidance on business tenancies.
  • Publications on cities and regional policy
    • Research and reports for Core Cities, State of the English Cities, Framework for City-Regions, Economic Linkages Across Space. Also includes the Urban White Paper and transcripts of towns and cities webchats.