2002 Quinquennial Review of the Spongiform Encephalopathy Advisory Committee

In October 2002, Defra, the Department of Health and the Food Standards Agency announced a review of SEAC. This was followed by the setting up of a SEAC review team.

During the course of the review, the Government's Chief Scientific Adviser, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Veterinary Officer were all consulted as well as the SEAC Chairman and members.

The review team also consulted with stakeholders and a wider group of interested organisations, groups and individuals before completing the review report.

The report, which was published on 17 March, is available to read or download from this website.

The report confirms that SEAC still has a crucial role to play, and continues to make a significant contribution to the protection of human and animal health and to our understanding of Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies (TSEs). It also makes a number of recommendations for the future to try to ensure that the Committee continues to be used effectively.

The SEAC Secretariat as well as Government Departments, will now consider how best to implement the various recommendations.

A Report of the 2002 Quinquennial Review of SEAC (149kb)

Page last updated: 17 March 2003