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Clinical engagement

Engaging clinicians and NHS management in planning and preparation for the successful implementation of the National Programme is an important priority.

A team of National Clinical Leads was appointed in Autumn 2004 to lead on this work. They communicate between the Programme and the NHS in both directions; have a comprehensive knowledge, understanding and influence of and into the Programme; liaise closely with the Care Record Development Board.

Read about how the National Programme for IT is engaging with the following people:

What's new:

  • Interview with Professor Michael Thick: the Chief Clinical Officer of NHS Connecting for Health openly discusses the challenges and priorities that lie ahead in his role.
  • Clinical Connections newsletter issue 3: Dr Simon Eccles, National Clinical Lead for Hospital Doctors, gives an update on the National Programme's latest key progress. Also includes the in-depth interview with Professor Michael Thick.
  • Making The Future for Information Sharing in Sexual and Reproductive Health I.T. Work: The NHS Care Records Service will enable authorised clinicians to provide better care for their patients by sharing information about them. Yet maintaining confidentiality or anonymity may be of paramount importance to those seeking sexual and reproductive healthcare. Can these two be reconciled?

    This one-day conference, on 15 March 2007, provides patients and healthcare providers with the opportunity to debate these issues and to focus on the needs, issues and challenges relating to the sharing of sensitive and anonymous data. A report will be placed on this website after the event.

  • What's in I.T. for me?: Read about the joint BMA/NHS Connecting for Health conference at the NEC in Birmingham on 1 February 2007, and attended by some 400 doctors.
  • If you were unable to come along to the series of GP engagement forums held in the autumn, why not download the video of the London forum. Watch Dr Gillian Braunold and Prof Mike Pringle discussing the key elements of the National Programme for IT in relation to GP practices and progress to date, as well as the lively Q&A session.
  • Successful GP Engagement Forums, led by Professor Mike Pringle and Dr Gillian Braunold, National Clinical Leads for GPs, have now been held in eleven locations across England. In all, they were attended by some 900 GPs, practice managers and IM&T managers.
  • Read the new leaflet from the National Clinical Leads to find out How clinicians can get involved with the National Programme for IT in the NHS (PDF, 1.4Mb)

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