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Connecting With Nurses

"As the biggest single professional group in the NHS, nurses, midwives and health visitors often understand better than anybody how information really flows through a hospital or community. If IT technicians design new electronic systems without knowing and understanding their needs, there is a big chance that the technology will not work as well as it could."

"The fact is that the technology is coming and if we are to make real strides forward in patient care, nurses need to be asking for the same access to tools as GPs. They need to be pro-active about coming up with ideas and asking their PCTs for investment in order to deliver the benefits."


The second annual conference for nurses, midwives healthcare professionals and practitioners

National Clinical Leads host masterclass at Chief Nursing Officer's conference

Free half-day seminars: the London Cluster is holding two events for London nurses to learn more about the NHS Care Records Service. You can book tickets now.

A new RCN leaflet encouraging nurses to become more involved with new computer systems and services in the NHS has been welcomed by NHS Connecting for Health

Keynote speaker summaries from NHS Connecting for Health's nursing and midwifery conference

NHSmail to be rolled out to all nurses in England and Scotland.

Delegates' comments from NHS Connecting for Health's first nursing and midwifery conference.

Inspiring,' 'encouraging' and 'very positive' - NHS Connecting for Health's first nursing and midwifery conference.

Revolutionising community nursing in Sheffield - district nurses in Sheffield are among the country's first early implementers of the electronic single assessment process (SAP).

Susan Osborne CBE has been appointed nursing clinical lead by NHS Connecting for Health. She replaces Heather Tierney-Moore OBE who has moved to become director of nursing at NHS Lothian in Scotland.

The Benefits of the National Programme for IT to Nurses

Barbara Stuttle and Susan Osborne explain the benefits for nurses of the National Programme for IT (Powerpoint, 1.3mb).

Engagement With Nurses

Barbara Stuttle CBE and Susan Osborne CBE are representing nurses within NHS Connecting for Health. Their role is to reach out to the nursing community and connect it with practical support and resources and to ensure that the new technologies reflect and support rapidly changing nursing practice.

Read an interview with Susan explaining the challenges ahead for engaging nurses and midwives in the work of NHS Connecting for Health and the experience she brings to her new role.

Barbara and her former colleague Heather Tierney-Moore give an overview of their work to engage nurses.

Barbara and Susan work closely with Beki Ruban, the newly-appointed head of NHS Connecting for Health's nursing development programme. Read an interview with Beki Ruban.

Read about a six-month project at The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals NHS Trust which is helping create a uniform approach to maternity services across England.

Susan Osborne

Susan Osborne CBE

Susan Osborne CBE is director of nursing services at St Mary's NHS Trust, London. She provides professional leadership for all pre and post registered nurses and midwives, as well as leading on public and patient involvement.

Her previous roles include: chief executive of the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital NHS Trust and director of nursing and quality at the Luton & Dunstable Hospital NHS Trust.

Barbara Stuttle

Barbara Stuttle

Barbara Stuttle CBE is director of primary care and modernisation at Thurrock PCT. She has wide general experience in all aspects of community health services.

Her current and previous roles include: chair to the Association of Nurse Prescribing and secondment (ended 2002) to the Department of Health as a project manager in nurse prescribing.

We welcome your views

Susan and Barbara would welcome views, comments and concerns from all levels of the nursing profession. Contact them at

Useful links

The e-Health Nurses Network is an independent initiative, freely open to all nurses and health and social care colleagues with an interest in developing e-health in order to maximise the professional delivery of effective patient care.

Barbara and Susan work closely with Christine Beasley, Department of Health Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) and regularly contribute updates to the monthly CNO bulletin.

Barbara Stuttle and Jayne Slater, programme manager for Do Once and Share, spoke about NHS Connecting for Health at the Chief Nursing Officer’s Autumn business meetings in London and Leeds.

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