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Ian and Angela Gay not guilty of toddler's manslaughter

The CPS today explained its decision to pursue a retrial in the case of Ian and Angela Gay, who were acquitted of the manslaughter of their foster son, three-year old Christian Blewitt, following a retrial at Nottingham Crown Court.

Public Consultation

Prosecuting bad driving - A consultation on CPS Prosecution Policy and Practice

The Crown Prosecution Service today launched a public consultation on road traffic offences, seeking views on how offences are prosecuted and the service it offers to victims and witnesses. The areas on which the CPS is consulting include:

  • What sort of behaviour or actions by drivers should constitute dangerous driving and what should constitute careless driving?
  • What information do victims and victims' families want and when do they want this?
  • How should cases involving the death of a family member or close friend be prosecuted?

The consultation period runs until 16 March 2007.

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