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Science We Support

BBSRC > The Science we support > Oasis

Oasis Database

Oasis contains information on all research funded by the BBSRC at BBSRC-sponsored Institutes, Universities and Higher Education Institutes and other research institutions.

This database contains details of:

  • Research Grants (for specified projects in universities, research institutes and research centres).
  • Postgraduate studentships
  • Fellowships
  • Research Projects (at BBSRC-sponsored Institutes, Horticulture Research International, and at the Edward Jenner Institute for Vaccine Research). These are funded by BBSRC's Competitive Strategic Grant (CSG) to the Institute and are listed on this database as CSG projects.
  • BBSRC-sponsored Institute staff publications

Quick Search

For a quick search of Oasis, use this form below.

This search is restricted to Grants, and CSG Projects. For a more comprehensive search, see "Search", where you can refine your search and also search the database of staff publications.

Lead researcher or PhD Supervisor (not available for CSG projects at BBSRC-sponsored institutes):

(Surname only or in format: Smith-A-B)


Grant/studentship/project number:
(Full reference required, e.g. BBD0004321)



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