Cheshire Successes in National Awards - Winner and Finalist at the National Justice Awards 2006


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What is the Cheshire Criminal Justice Board?

Cheshire Criminal Justice Board was established in April 2003 as one of 42 Local Criminal Justice Boards throughout England and Wales. The board aims to improve co-operation between criminal justice agencies to deliver a joined- up criminal justice service and to improve the way justice works in Cheshire.

Who are the members of the board?

The Cheshire Criminal Justice Board brings together the chief officers of:

  • Cheshire Police
  • Crown Prosecution Service, Cheshire (CPS)
  • Cheshire Magistrates' and Crown Courts
  • Youth Offending Teams
  • Cheshire Probation and Prison Service
The board meets regularly and is responsible and accountable for:
  • Local delivery of Criminal Justice System objectives
  • Improvement in the delivery of justice
  • The service provided to victims and witnesses
  • Securing Public Confidence
What does the board hope to achieve?
  • To bring more offenders to justice
  • To increase public confidence in the Criminal Justice System.

  • For greater detail on the board's objectives for 2004/5, please follow the Detailed Information link from the menu on the right hand side.

    We hope you find the website interesting and useful. To be most effective, the Criminal Justice System needs communities and individuals to engage in the delivery of justice - we need your help. Please let us know your views and concerns about the Criminal Justice System and take the opportunity to make any suggestions about the content of this website. We look forward to hearing from you.

Been Affected by Crime?

If you have been affected by crime click on the links below to find out what help and support is available to victims of crime as well as what to expect from reporting a crime, what happens in court, and how to apply for compensation. You can also access an interactive tour which has been developed to guide victims through the Criminal Justice System.

Follow this link if you have been involved as a witness to crime

Find out what help is available if you have been a victim of crime

See what happens after you have been called for jury service

View larger version: Inside Justice Week
Inside Justice Week

Inside Justice Week

Inside Justice Week ran from 18th-25th November 2006 and aims to:

  • Increase public awareness and understanding of the Criminal Justice System (CJS);
  • Publicise improvements within the CJS;
  • Encourage individuals and communities to engage with the CJS
  • Show people how they can help deliver justice and why it matters
The events held in 2006 included: A Local Crime Community Sentence interactive presentation on 21st November 2006 involved pairs of Magistrates and Probation officers explaining how sentencing decisions are made and community punishment works via an interactive presentation with local students

A Mock Trial gave students at Chester University the chance to see how the wheels of justice worked. Law students were involved as defendant, witnesses and jury and staff from the CPS, Police, Her Majesty's Courts Service, and the Probation Service acted out their roles in the court process.

Further details about these events can be found on the "Events" section of this website.

Inside Justice Week 2006 ran from 18th-25th November.

Click on the logo below for more information........

Go to the Inside Justice Website

Success for Cheshire in the 2006 Justice Awards

The Justice Awards are a great chance to recognise the outstanding work people do within the criminal justice system. Nominations come from within the criminal justice system for individuals or teams from any criminal justice agency, or from a voluntary sector organisation that works with victims, witnesses, defendants or offenders. click on the Justice Awards logo for more information or for more information about Cheshire's successes this year visit the Justice Awards section on the menu on the left hand side.

Go to the Justice Awards Website

The Witness Charter is the next step in the Government's programme of work to raise public confidence in the CJS. In launching the Witness Charter consultation, Home Office Minister Fiona Mactaggart said "the Government has made a commitment to put victims and witnesses at the heart of the criminal justice system. Improving victim and witness care is fundamental not only to bring more offences to justice, but to increase public confidence in the criminal justice system." We would welcome your comments on the proposals which can be viewed at the "downloads" section of this website. Responses to the consultation can be sent to:

From April 2006, victims of crime will be entitled to receive a minimum standard of service from criminal justice agencies across England and Wales

The Victims Code of Practice requires Criminal Justice Agencies by law to offer certain stadanrds when it comes to information, advice, support and protection for all victims, and enhanced services for vulnerable victims. Cheshire criminal jusitce agencies are already meeting many of the service obligations in the new Code, but it is an important step forward that these are set out for the first time. Victims will have a right of appeal to the Parliamentary Ombudsman if they feel their rights under the Code have not been met. Support will include:

• Police will refer a victim of crime to Victim Support, unless they opt out

• Police will carry out a needs assessment to check whether they are a vulnerable or intimidated victim

• If the investigation continues for some time without a suspect being arrested, the police will update every month on progress

• If a suspect is arrested, the police will update them within 5 working days

• If no suspect is charged and the investigation closed, the police will update the victim

• Updates could be by letter, by phone, by e-mail, face-to-face – but tailored to the victim’s needs

• If the victim is identified as a vulnerable or intimidated victim they will receive an enhanced service under the Code – notified within 1 day, not 5, if a suspect is arrested

• If a charge is brought, the Witness Care Unit will notify them of dates of court proceedings, conduct a needs

• If no proceedings are brought, CPS must offer to meet the intimidated or vulnerable victim to explain why

• Courts Service must ensure that there is a separate waiting area, away from the defendant or their family

Cheshire Criminal Justice Board marked the launch of the Victims Code of Practice with an online Q&A on 11th April.

Free presentations

Want to find out more about Community Sentences? Looking for a presentation for your community group/social club or society for free? The Local Crime: Community Sentences initiative could be just what you are looking for. For more information please refer to the "current initiatives" on the download section of this site or refer to the Cheshire Probation website at: