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Yorkshire Forward is the Regional Development Agency charged with improving the Yorkshire and Humber economy.

Our 270,000 businesses contribute to an economy worth in excess of £75.2 billion, while over 5 million people mean this region ranks alongside countries including Ireland, Greece, Norway and Singapore.

Yorkshire Forward drives the success of the region by using the £2.50 we get each week on behalf of our taxpayers to provide them with more jobs, access to new markets for businesses and to regenerate our town and city centres.

Our region has so much to offer: great businesses, a fantastic quality of life and people with diverse talents and skills. Yorkshire Forward is developing this extraordinary potential, to make our region a truly world class location in which to live, work and invest.
Press Releases
£6.6m investment in Scunthorpe Central Park
Businesses in Hull Invited to Awards for Excellence 2007
Yorkshire To Be Home To National Early Years Enterprise Centre
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Yorkshire and Humber Environment Index Workshop
2007-2013 European Funding Programme consultation
On 18 December 2006, a formal 12 week consultation began on the Yorkshire and Humber European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Operational Programme. If you are interested in regional development or in influencing the next ERDF programme please click here.
Grant for Research and Development Briefing Session
An event will be held on 22 January 2007 at the Novotel in Leeds to provide potential applicants with information on the competition and the appraisal process. click here to learn more about this grant.