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About us

Our objectives and values

Our objectives are to protect the public, and build a safe, just and tolerant society.

Our objectives

To protect the public, we focus on six key objectives:

  1. protecting the UK from terrorist attack
  2. cutting crime, especially violent and drug-related crime
  3. ensuring people feel safer in their homes and daily lives, particularly through more visible, responsive and accountable local policing
  4. rebalancing the criminal justice system in favour of the law-abiding majority and the victim
  5. managing offenders to protect the public and reduce re-offending
  6. securing our borders, preventing abuse of our immigration laws and managing migration to benefit the UK

Find out more about our purpose and priorities, and how we are reforming the Home Office to deliver our objectives by reading Reforming the Home Office.

Our values

The values we developed in consultation with our staff and stakeholders, underpin how we will achieve our objectives, and guide our everyday behaviour:

  • we deliver for the public
  • we are professional and innovative
  • we work openly and collaboratively
  • we treat everyone with respect