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Security, Intelligence and Resilience

The Cabinet Office plays a central role in planning for emergencies and works with other government departments to ensure that the UK is prepared to deal with unexpected events.

Preparing for Emergencies

Guidance for the general public on how to prepare themselves, their families and their homes and businesses to cope during an emergency or disaster.

UK Resilience

News and information service for emergency practitioners on planning for and responding to emergencies.

Emergency Planning College

The Emergency Planning College offers training for organisations within and outside government, to help prepare them to deal with emergencies.

Central Sponsor for Information Assurance (CSIA)

The CSIA works to protect IT and electronic communication systems in the UK and raise awareness of the need for protection.

Information Security (Infosec)

Infosec Training Paths and Competencies qualifications offer recognised formal training and development for IT security professionals working for the UK Government and related organisations.

UK Intelligence

Explaining the national intelligence machinery in the United Kingdom.

Intelligence and Security Secretariat (ISS)

The ISS ensure that the Prime Minister and other senior Ministers are well served on cross–Government intelligence and security issues

National Steering Committee on Warning and Informaing the Public (NSCWIP)

NSCWIP encourages improvements in the arrangements for warning members of the public of an imminent or actual threat to life, health or property and to inform them of the appropriate action to take.

Security Commission

The Security Commission is tasked, at the request of the Prime Minister, with investigating and reporting on possible or actual security breaches in the public sector.

Intelligence and Security Committee

The ISC has parliamentry oversight of SIS, GCHQ and the Security Service. They are responsible for examining and reporting on the expenditure, administration and policy of the three Agencies.