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Employers tell us they need people who are enterprising, productive and fully equipped with the skills to compete in business.

There are a variety of organisations and resources available to help employers meet the challenge of recruiting, training and developing staff.

There is also a key role for business to play in supporting education and skills to ensure we have a system that works for everyone.

Answering your questions about education and skills

You'll find answers to the questions employers have asked us in the past below. Click on a question to see more specific questions on each subject.

Qualifications and Employee Training:

[A1] How can I find good people for my business and ensure they have the right blend of skills, qualifications and experience for the job?
[A2] How can I find the right training for my employees?
[A3] I know what skills my employees need to develop, but how do I find a good course or training programme?
[A4] What are the costs involved in employee training and development? Is there any funding available to help cover these costs?

Retaining good employers:

[B5] How can I keep hold of good employees and ensure their job satisfaction?

Making provision for childcare:

[C6] What are the business benefits of providing childcare?

Employees working with children or vulnerable adults:

[D7] What are the checks required if any of my employees are working with children or vulnerable adults?

Shaping educational policy:

[E8] How can I have my say and influence the education and skills system so that my business benefits from future employees with the right skills?

Getting involved, and supporting children, young people and students in education:

[F9] How can we raise the profile of our business in the local community and more widely?
[F10] What are the benefits to my business in setting up a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme? Where do I begin?
[F11] What can businesses directly offer children and young people in education or the education system itself, and how do businesses and employees benefit as a result of getting involved?

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