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'Tackle Learning' is a valuable curriculum resource that has been produced to encourage an effective working partnership between Playing for Success study support centres, schools and rugby clubs of both codes.  Targeting pupils in Key Stages 2 and 3.  'Tackle Learning' promotes the development of literacy, numeracy and Information and Communication Technology skills.

'Tackle Learning' harnesses the motivating energy and environment of Rugby Union and Rugby League to make learning fun and imaginative whilst encouraging the practical involvement of rugby clubs.

The rugby-themed activities are used to promote the development of literacy, numeracy and ICT skills.  In addition, the activities also feature a range of other curricular subjects, including drama, music, art, history, citizenship, media, design technology and PHSE.  Communication, enterprise and key skills are also integral elements of the activities.

The materials are targeted at Key Stage 2 and 3 pupils and have been written to appeal to all pupils, irrespective of their levels of sporting interest or gender.  Teachers do not need any basic knowledge of rugby to be able to deliver the activities.

'Tackle Learning' has been written for use with clubs from both codes - rugby league and union - and support will be looked for from clubs representing all levels of the game.  In the majority of cases, activities will be lead by a teacher, supported, in varying degrees, by a representative from the club; depending on the activitiy, this could be either a player, captain, coach, physiotheraprist or ground-staff.

The sport of rugby has much to offer - it's exciting, fast-flowing and gives us excellent role models.  There's a great deal that pupils can learn from rugby - in every sense - and 'Tackle Learning' is designed to be an integral part of that process.

To access the resource click here.


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