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Where licensing of Crown copyright is handled by HMSO:

The Department for Education And Skills is a Crown body and the information we produce is subject to Crown copyright, which is administered by Her Majesty's Stationery Office. The material listed in this Publication Scheme is Crown copyright unless stated otherwise. The copyright in some of the material which may be found in this Publication Scheme has been waived, meaning you can reproduce this material freely. Categories of material for which copyright has been waived include: government press notices, legislation and explanatory notes on the legislation, ministerial speeches, consultation documents, documents featured on official websites (except where expressly indicated otherwise), headline statistics and unpublished public records. More details of these and other categories can be found at: www.hmso.gov.uk/guides.htm

For other types of material however, the supply of documents under Freedom of Information does not give the person or organisation who receives them an automatic right to reuse the documents in a way that would infringe copyright, for example, by making multiple copies, publishing and issuing copies to the public.

Brief extracts of any of the material included in this Publication Scheme may be reproduced under the fair dealing provisions of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (sections 29 and 30) for the purposes of research, private study, criticism, review and news reporting.

Details of the arrangements for reusing Crown copyright material can be found on HMSO's website at: www.hmso.gov.uk/copyhome.htm or by contacting HMSO at:

HMSO Licensing Division
St Clements House
2-16 Colegate

Tel: 01603 621000
Fax: 01603 723000
e-mail: HMSO Licensing

Authorisation to reuse copyright material not owned by the Crown should be sought from the copyright holders concerned. If in doubt, users should contact HMSO in the first instance.

If the copyright belongs to another organisation, you must obtain permission to reproduce it.