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Welcome to the London Health Observatory Website. Monitoring Health & Health Care In The Capital, Supporting Practitioners & Informing Decision−Makers

Indications of public health in the English regions: No. 5 child health
This report, focusing on child health, is the fifth in a series of reports commissioned by the CMO and produced by the Association of Public Health Observatories. It examines geographical and socio-economic variations in indicators of child health in the English regions.
19 October 2006  View
Summary of findings for London. Indications of public health in the English regions: No. 5 child health
19 October 2006  View
Public Health Performance Reports
13 October 2006  View
HIA in the UK - a snapshot
24 October 2006  View
A Guide to Reviewing Published Evidence for Use in Health Impact Assessment
11 September 2006  View
Public Health Information Analyst Vacancy
19 October 2006  View
LHO Monthly Newsletter - October 2006
3 October 2006  View
Capability and Resilience: Beating the Odds
27 Oct 2006  View
Focus on Ethnicity and Religion
18 Oct 2006  View
Health Challenges - Next Steps for Choosing Health
18 Oct 2006  View
National Quality and Outcomes Framework Achievement Data for England 2005-06
18 Oct 2006  View
Healthcare Commission Annual Health Check 2006
17 Oct 2006  View
HIA 1 Day Course
08 Nov 2006  View
Informing Healthier Choices - Better Informed, Better Health
30 Nov 2006  View
HIA 3 Day Course
24 Jan 2007  View
HIN Meeting
30 Jan 2007  View
31 Oct 2006  View