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Broads Authority (BA)

The information below gives an overview of the work that BA does. It shows, separately, the business functions they do, the customer segments they serve and the strategic priorities they contribute to.
This pdf matrix [47KB] cross-references the information. It matches the specific business functions that BA does to specific customer segments and specific strategic priorities*.

Type of body
National Park Authority
CEO (or chairman)
Dr John Packman
+44 (0) 1603 610 734
Link to annual report
BA Annual Report
Number of employees
Annual budget
Body’s own objectives
  • To conserve and enhance the natural beauty of the Broads;
  • To promote the enjoyment of the Broads by the public;
  • Protect the interests of navigation;
  • To promote a management plan for the Broads.
Governance structure
Park Authority Board
Corporate sponsor
Sponsorship, Landscape and Recreation Division
Policy sponsor
Living Land and Seas (LLS) Directorate General
Defra’s strategic priorities
(The body contributes to all the priorities listed below)
  • Climate change and energy
  • Protecting the countryside and natural resource protection
  • Sustainable rural communities
Direct customers
  • Economic and social enterprise
  • Coastal & floodplain land managers
  • Public bodies
Business functions
  • Payments and grants 
  • Fees and charges 
  • Scheme approvals
  • Inspection/compliance/surveillance
  • Standard setting
  • Licensing/certification/registration/tracking
  • Field operations 
  • Emergency operations/contingencies
  • Pure science
  • Scientific risk assessment
  • Socio-economic research
Advice and publicity
  • Policy advice to customers 
  • Information and facilitation
  • Campaigns/publicity/promotions/awareness 
  • Direct customer handling channels 
Corporate systems
  • HR  
  • Finance and procurement 
  • IT    

*This shows activities across Defra's delivery landscape with respect to Defra's published strategic priorities, correct as at 31 July 2006. Defra is currently undergoing a Strategy Refresh which may reshape these priorities for the future.

The information contained in these pages is correct to the best of our knowledge as of 31 July 2006 and will be updated at regular intervals. If any information is incorrect or needs updating, please contact

  Page last modified:18 August 2006
Page published:18 August 2006
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