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Welcome to the London Health Observatory Website. Monitoring Health & Health Care In The Capital, Supporting Practitioners & Informing Decision−Makers

Indications of public health in the English regions: No. 5 child health
This report, focusing on child health, is the fifth in a series of reports commissioned by the CMO and produced by the Association of Public Health Observatories. It examines geographical and socio-economic variations in indicators of child health in the English regions.
19 October 2006  View
Summary of findings for London. Indications of public health in the English regions: No. 5 child health
19 October 2006  View
Public Health Performance Reports
13 October 2006  View
A Guide to Reviewing Published Evidence for Use in Health Impact Assessment
11 September 2006  View
Public Health Information Analyst Vacancy
19 October 2006  View
LHO Monthly Newsletter - October 2006
3 October 2006  View
London's health and healthcare: Key facts
28 September 2006  View
Focus on Ethnicity and Religion
18 Oct 2006  View
Health Challenges - Next Steps for Choosing Health
18 Oct 2006  View
National Quality and Outcomes Framework Achievement Data for England 2005-06
18 Oct 2006  View
Healthcare Commission Annual Health Check 2006
17 Oct 2006  View
Health Profile of England
10 Oct 2006  View
HSUG Conference on Health Information
27 Oct 2006  View
HIA 1 Day Course
08 Nov 2006  View
Informing Healthier Choices - Better Informed, Better Health
30 Nov 2006  View
HIA 3 Day Course
24 Jan 2007  View
HSUG Conference on health information
27 Oct 2006  View