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Codes of practice


What are the codes of practice?

The first ever UK-wide codes of practice for social care workers and employers provide a clear guide for all those who work in social care, setting out the standards of practice and conduct workers and their employers should meet. Our registrants will be required to comply with the codes as a condition of ongoing registration. Find out more here.

Codes of practice FAQs

Find out everything else you might need to know about the codes of practice for social care workers and employers.

How we consulted you

Thousands of people including professionals, care providers, service users and carers, and representatives from professional associations, unions and regulatory bodies contributed to the formulation of the codes of practice. Find out more here.

Get copies of our codes

Every social care worker and employer should have a copy of the codes of practice. The codes are available in various formats, all of which can be ordered or downloaded here.

Employers' responsibilities

If you are registered with the Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI), you will be expected to comply with the code for employers. Find out about what you could be doing now.