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Welcome to the London Health Observatory Website. Monitoring Health & Health Care In The Capital, Supporting Practitioners & Informing Decision−Makers

A Guide to Reviewing Published Evidence for Use in Health Impact AssessmentA Guide to Reviewing Published Evidence for Use in Health Impact Assessment
This 12 page Guide, with interactive hyperlinks provides a step-by-step framework to assist practitioners in reviewing literature for use in a health impact assessment (HIA).
11 September 2006  View
LHO Monthly Newsletter - October 2006
3 October 2006  View
London's health and healthcare: Key facts
28 September 2006  View
Improving Access to Robust Evidence for HIA: Final Report to the Department Of Health
11 September 2006  View
Mapping Health Intelligence and its Dissemination in London: Summary Findings
12 September 2006  View
Hospital Admission Rates for Selected Diagnoses and Causes, by Local Authority, 2004/05
5 September 2006  View
LHO Monthly Newsletter - September 2006
13 September 2006  View
Publications of the Statistical Bulletin by the NHS Health and Social Care Information Centre reporting on the Breast Screening Programme during 2004/2005
28 Sep 2006  View
Communicable Disease Intelligence for London's Health Professionals
27 Sep 2006  View
Estimating London's new migrant population Stage 1 Review of methodology
27 Sep 2006  View
Brushing for Life Scheme
25 Sep 2006  View
Healthcare Commission Tobacco Control Review
25 Sep 2006  View
Public Health Awareness Skills
03 Oct 2006  View
Programme & Project Management Workshop
04 Oct 2006  View
HIA 3 Day Course
09 Oct 2006  View
Developing Public Health Career Pathway Workshop
09 Oct 2006  View
London Health Ingelligence Network : Developing Public Health Career Pathways
17 Oct 2006  View