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The Royal Navy iPod Quiz Results

Two ratings with iPods that are prizes for the quiz that recently took place on the Royal Navy website 
30Gb iPod
In company with HMS Gloucester

Well done to all those who entered the iPod Quiz on the Royal Navy Web Site back in June 2006. 

We received an incredible number of visitors to the web site during this quiz, and all the entries really caught our eye. 

Thank you for taking the time to enter, we hope you enjoyed it. 

There was an exceptionally high standard and number of entries and the selected winners and runners-up are listed below.

The final responses were based on the words of Admiral Lord Nelson before his fleet went into battle on 21st October 1805 where he said:

'England expects that every man will do his duty'

Today, although it still remains very challenging, life in the Royal Navy and Royal Marines is very different to that of 200 years ago. We asked, if you were an Admiral today, what you would say to the sailors and marines on the front-line of operations.

Very well done indeed to all who entered and many congratulations to the winners! Look out for mobile phone ringtones shortly, and another quiz later this year.

First Prize Winners

Essay Responses (Completed) : Ages 7 - 12

Eloise Scaysbrook -  Age: 7

"You are the pride of England - act like lions and you will win"

Edward Hubbard - Age: 9

"Whether you're a Boatswain on the ocean or a rating under the sea, fight like a man for victory"

Cameron Forbes - Age: 10

"Go out there, do your best, defend your country and take pride and honour in your actions."

Essay Responses (Completed) : Ages 13 - 17

Scott Smart - Age: 15

"Show me commitment & endeavour & success will prevail"

Jack Newnham - Age: 16

"Courage, teamwork, and self belief are your tools, your country expects, I know you will deliver"

Tom Congdon - Age: 17

"Times change, but the courage and honour of every man and woman in the navy is just as strong as it was ever since we first took to the seas."

Essay Responses (Completed) : Ages 18 - 28

Giles Bayram - Age: 21

"Honour the past with respect, fight for the future with pride"

Louise Oliver - Age: 21

"Fight for your comrades, fight for your families, fight for yourselves but most of all fight for the pride of your country."

Nicola Johnston - Age: 22

"Rely on your training, put trust in your team mates and ensure the Navy is as good tomorrow as it is today."

Essay Responses (Completed) : Ages 29 +

David Didlock - Age: 34

"From each his best; for each other, for your country, for freedom and democracy!"

Jeremy Edwards - Age: 35

"You are still the pride of our nation. Britain looks on you to light a beacon of hope throughout the world."

Peter Martin - Age: 49

"From the sea bring victory and peace through professionalism, teamwork and initiative."

Essay Responses (Completed) : Mod / Services Entrants

Lucy Humphries - Age: 16

"The World awaits... England expects... The Royal Navy provide"

Jonathan Harris - Age: 24

"The weight of world freedom and justice lies on your shoulders, let courage, honour and professionalism guide your actions"

Antony James - Age: 32

"We came as a team, we will fight as a team and win as a team."

Runners Up

Essay Responses (Runners Up) : Ages 7 - 12

Finlay Bald - Age: 8

"Ours is a duty, ours is an honour and ours is a service, to our families, to our friends, to our country and to ourselves. Her Majesty’s NAVY expects you to do your duty and to serve your country."

Lord Dover - Age: 11

"In the modern age the eyes of the world are always on you, our country will be judged by your actions and the example you set. You are the best, go out and show it."

Natalie Newport - Age: 11

"The proud history of the Royal Navy will continue with you because you are well trained, smart, reliable, honest you respect Queen and your country and you are the best trained navy in the world. Natalie Newport (age 11)"

Christopher Osborne - Age: 12

"You have all received the best training and are the best on, or under, the water. You know what to do and how to do it. Today's the day to do your best! "

Andrew Langford - Age: 12

"The thoughts and prayers of our families and friends are with us today. With those behind us, our future's in front of us and God's speed sailing with us we are certain of doing our best ."

 Essay Responses (Runners Up) : Ages 13 - 17

Joseph White - Age: 13

"The free and oppressed people of the world rely on your professionalism and self sacrifice to safeguard life and the rule of law. With a heart of oak stand firm."

Emma Johnson - Age: 13

"If I were an admiral today then I would say to my crew that they should try their hardest. They should do this for it is all a person can ask from another person higher or below themselves. "

Jonty Gibson - Age: 14

"You have been trained for this day - go forward and make a difference."

Neil Cramond - Age: 15

"We are the best Navy in the world, Britain expects so we will provide."

Mike Britton - Age: 16

"The Navy has both a tradition and a future and we look with pride and confidence in both directions. You are that future, do your country proud. "

Essay Responses (Runners Up) : Ages 18 - 28

Peter Vincent - Age: 18

"Today we fight for those back home: our friends, families and those we will never meet. But most of all we fight for each other, for we are a team and “the team works”."

James Oarton - Age: 18

"You must do your best, and England shall ask no more than that of you."

Leigh Rogers - Age: 21

"The world is an increasingly dangerous place. But England has increasingly capable people to keep her safe. You are those people; Keep her safe."

Nick Brierly - Age: 22

"Forget the politics- we're here to do a job. Take comfort in the fact that the Royal Navy is a force for good, and take comfort in the fact that you are serving alongside the best in the world."

Richard Page - Age: 23

"In these times it could be said that 'England' expects little of its people, but what we expect from each other in any times, be you sailor or marine, rating or officer, is nothing less than our all."

Essay Responses (Runners Up) : Ages 29+

Chris Woolhouse - Age: 31

"Courage and fear are two sides of the same coin. Use this coin to pay your enemy."

Kerrie Burgess - Age: 32

"Do your best but do your job."

Jonathan Mac gregor - Age: 35

"You are the best in the world, show everyone what it means to be British."

Dan Ludlow - Age: 52

"Success depends upon us all"

Margaret Heath - Age: 66

"Be the best - and give your best. That is all that I ask of you !"

Essay Responses (Runners Up) : MOD / Services Entrants

Cameron Robertson - Age: 7

"The eyes of the nation and the whole world are upon us, and I know That You will not let me or yourselves down in displaying the utmost professionalism in your field. ( I got some help from Dad)"

Jake Pavett - Age: 8

"Be proud of yourselves and each other your may not be the biggest navy in the world but you are the best without question, together as a team we will fight and win for our country"

Charlie Davies - Age: 11

"England expects.....teamwork, dedication and a sense of humour"

Mark Whitehead - Age: 14

"Remember these 3 things: Courage, Loyalty, Comradeship"

Elizabeth Sterrett - Age: 21

"In life you can only try your best. In the Royal Navy, we can try harder"



1.  The prizes will be posted to home addresses as stated on the original competition data form.

2.  If the prize is delivered by post, no responsibility will be accepted by the MoD for loss, damage or non-delivery.

3.  Prizes will be dispatched by post late September 2006.