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30th August 2006

The patrol reaches out into the hills surrounding Kandahar Airbase, ensuring that they are a strong and visible deterrent to insurgents, whilst reassuring local villagers of their security. [Picture: 34 Sqn RAF Regt]

RAF Regiment go on foot to make a difference in Kandahar

Since their arrival in Kandahar, 34 Squadron RAF Regiment have concentrated on trying to win the trust of the local population. To do this a lot of time is spent on foot in the... 29 Aug 06

The Iraqi Army officer cadets graduate from the Iraqi Military Academy, Ar Rustamiya, near Baghdad. [Picture: NATO]

Proud day as Iraqis graduate at Baghdad NATO academy

Over 100 Iraqi Army officer cadets have graduated from the Iraqi Military Academy, Al Rustamiyah,... 29 Aug 06

A 15 Squadron Stirling escorted by Hurricanes taken on 5 July 1941. [Picture: JCCC]

Missing bomber crew to rest in peace in the Netherlands

The 64 year old mystery of a missing bomber crew has finally been solved after the remains of... 29 Aug 06

Scientists develop plague protection – in a spray

29 Aug 06

Lance Corporal Jonathan Peter Hetherington killed in Afghanistan

28 Aug 06

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