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Animal Health & Welfare Strategy for Great Britain

The Animal Health and Welfare Strategy for Great Britain is the route map for work to improve the health and welfare of kept animals in England, Scotland and Wales. It is a Strategy for all who have a role to play – Government, the food and farming industry, vets, consumer groups and many others. It covers animals kept for pleasure or profit – pets, livestock, game and wildlife where it impacts on kept animals.

The Strategy’s aim is to:

“develop a new partnership in which we can make a lasting and continuous improvement in the health and welfare of kept animals while protecting society, the economy, and the environment from the effect of animal disease”.

It sets out a vision for animal health and welfare in Great Britain, showing where we want to be in 2014. This is a strong challenge for everyone involved and the Strategy contains important guiding principles, showing what needs to be done to create the world described in the vision.

The Strategy forms the framework for all of Defra’s work on animal health and welfare. This site will give you more information about the Strategy, what has been achieved so far, as well as the important role of the independent England Implementation Group.

GB Animal Health and Welfare Strategy Conference 2006

The first Great Britain Animal Health and Welfare Strategy Conference took place on Friday 17 March 2006. Further information about the conference is available.

Key Documents

Latest news

30 June 2006 - The Report on review of the Animal Health and Welfare Delivery landscape has been published.

27 April 2006 - Information regarding Working with the consumer has been published.


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