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Regional and Local Transport

Transport plays a key role in supporting regional and local prosperity, economic growth and enhancing quality of life. To that end, the Department works in partnership with both regional and local stakeholders towards the same shared priority of:

'Improving access to jobs and services, particularly for those most in need, in ways that are sustainable: improved public transport - reduced problems of congestion and reduced problems of congestion, pollution and safety.'

At a regional level, the Department encourages the close integration between regional transport, housing, economic development strategies and spending decisions. We do this to ensure that transport can best support the delivery of wider Government objectives on the economy, the environment and social inclusiveness, and we work with partners to ensure that strategies are well evidenced and supported in their delivery.

At a local level, the Department encourages modernisation of local transport as part of our strategy for a sustainable and integrated transport system, improving accessibility and reducing congestion. We oversee local transport planning and expenditure, helping local authorities and transport operators improve local roads, bus, taxi and light rail services, and walking and cycling facilities.

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