BIDding for devolution

Both Philadelphia and Baltimore have used Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) as a route to double devolution. BIDs are essentially voluntary neighbourhood business-led coalitions that make neighbourhoods a better place to do business.

There are nearly 1000 in the US. In the UK the take-up has been slower. 

BIDs are not primarily about money, though in all cases a small levy is made on the business rate. In Philadelphia the BID has moved from an agenda of safer/greener neighbourhoods to take on the night economy, housing and now schools. They have even sponsored a community court that has cut reoffending rates for people arrested.

posted on 06 April 2006 11:55 by David Miliband
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# 07 April 2006 12:09 Cllr Mary Reid wrote:
re: BIDding for devolution

The first successful BID in the UK was in Kingston upon Thames. You can read all about it on their website on It grew out of a well-established partnership between Kingston Council, the local town centre management and the local business, large and small.


# 26 April 2006 11:57 P Livingstone wrote:
re: Community Court

There is a community court in England since 2005 in North Liverpool, where Judge Fletcher is pioneering a new approach based on the Red Hook Centre in New York. Merseyside Police; CPS; Probation & Youth offending teams are all based in the centre linked up through a tracker system, whereupon offenders are supported by all relevant services towards rehabilitation. The Judge also holds bi-monthly meetings with the community to ascertain local concerns / anxieties.


# 05 May 2006 17:40 Mrs R. M. White wrote:
defra and the Single Farm Payments

As a mother of sons in farming in the Hexham area,,I hope for my sons sake you will use your energy in your new post to sort out the long overdue Single Farm Payments as soon as possible, as the delay is causing much hardship. Thank you.