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Home / About the Department  / Former Ministers and their responsibilities / Rt. Hon. Patricia Hewitt

Former DTI Ministerial team

The Rt. Hon. Patricia Hewitt
Former Secretary of State for Trade and Industry.

The Rt. Hon. Patricia Hewitt Formerly held overall responsibility for the Department of Trade and Industry, the Office of Science and Technology, and the Women and Equality Unit.

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Patricia Hewitt left the Department of Trade and Industry on 5 May 2005 to become Secretary of State for Health.

She was previously appointed Secretary of State for Trade and Industry in 2001.

Patricia Hewitt was formerly Minister for Small Business and e-Commerce at the Department of Trade and Industry (1999-2001) and Economic Secretary at the Treasury (1998-1999).

Ms Hewitt became a Member of Parliament in 1997. She was educated at the Canberra Girls' Grammar School and Newnham College, Cambridge University.

Press and Broadcasting Officer (1983-87) and Policy Co-ordinator (1987-89) to the then Leader of the Opposition, the Rt. Hon. Neil Kinnock; Deputy Director of the Institute for Public Policy Research (1989-94); Director of Research for Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) (1994-97).

Wrote 'About Time' - a book focusing on changes in work and family life - in 1993.

Deputy Chair of the Commission for Social Justice (1992-94). Was a member of the Social Security Select Committee before taking up her Ministerial post.

Born on 2 December 1948; married with a son and a daughter. In her spare time, Ms Hewitt enjoys reading, theatre, music and gardening.


Equality Bill Second Reading (05/04/2005)

'Make Poverty History' Assembly (22/03/05)

Lisbon Scorecard (21/03/05)

European Movement Members Meeting (19/03/05)

Diversity- A Stronger Economy, a Better Britain (14/03/05)

Stonewall Employment Conference (01/03/05)

Mansion House (23/02/05)

Fabian Society Event on the European Employment Strategy (31/01/05)

Unison's Women and Work Conference (24/01/05)


Cranfield School of Management (07/12/04)

Diversity on Boards (07/12/04)

European Wind Energy Conference (22/11/04)

The Five Year Plan (19/11/04)

Equal Opportunities Commission, Gender and Productivity Summit (26/10/04)

CBI Seminar on Information and Consultation (21/09/04) 

Trade and Investment - the DTI White Paper (20/09/04)

Automotive Academy Annual Lecture (29/07/04) 

Aerospace Innovation and Growth Team Conference (19/07/04) 

TUC Manufacturing Conference (15/07/04) 

Launch of Government's Consumer Strategy consultation (14/07/04) 

Launch of Consumer Direct- Scotland (12/07/04) 

UKTI Inward Investment Annual Report Conference (07/07/04) 

Creativity in the Knowledge Economy (29/06/04) 

Young Fabians (21/06/04)

IPPR Seminar 'closing the gap - tackling regional economic disparity' (14/06/04)

Equality and Human Rights in the 21st Century (12/05/04)

UK call centre competitiveness in a global market (06/05/04)

Joint IOD/ABI Conference (05/05/04)

Seventh Annual Russian Economic Forum (19/04/04)

Fathers Direct - 'Working with Fathers' Conference (05/04/04)

Europe's Economic Challenges, Konigswinter Conference (25/03/04)

'Bullying in the Workplace' Stonewall Spring Conference (24/03/04)

Federation of Small Businesses Annual Conference (19/03/04)

Unions 21 Conference (06/03/04)

Aerospace IGT Implementation Conference (15/12/03)

CBI Wales (05/12/03)

Work Foundation (05/11/03)

Hermes Stewardship and Performance Seminar (03/11/03)

Better Buildings Summit (21/10/03)

Meeting the Challenge of the Energy White Paper (16/10/03)

Guardian Diversity Conference (09/10/03)

Race for Opportunity (08/10/03)

The Coming of Age (07/10/03)

Statement to the House of Commons on the WTO Ministerial Conference at Cancun (17/09/03)

Vision for Cancun and the Doha Round of Trade negotiations (05/09/03) 

Work Life Balance Week - "Workplace of the Future" (04/09/03)

ERM-Green Alliance Environment Forum (14/07/03)

Business In The Community Conference (10/07/03)

Voice of Women of Iraq Conference (09/07/03)

German British Chamber of Commerce (07/07/03)

Making Cancun A Success For Free And Fair Trade (07/07/03)

Fair Deal For Small Businesses (02/07/03)

TUC Globalisation and Gender Conference (27/06/03)

Progressive Globalisation: achieving global justice through trade (23/06/03)

Serving The Citizen In The 21st Century (16/06/03)

Abantu Conference (16/06/03)

Madrid 2003 (10/06/03)

"Working Together for Free and Fair Trade": Consumers Association (05/06/03)

Smarter Business: 21st Century Business Leaders Forum (03/06/03)

Women In Business International Forum (21/05/03)

UK Business Council For Sustainable Energy Conference (20/05/03)

One Parent Families Real Lives, Public Policies (15/05/03)

Launch Of "Get Started" Campaign (13/05/03)

Vauxhall 100th Birthday Gala Dinner (12/05/03)

Asian Women Of Achievement Award (08/05/03)

Launch of 'Vision in Print' (07/05/03)

Small Business Week Launch (28/04/03)

Budget 2003 (14/04/03)

Serving Society, Serving Customers (10/04/03)

Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) Progress Report (02/04/03)

British Chambers of Commerce (31/03/03)

Simfonec Launch (31/03/03)

Brazilian Chambers of Commerce Gala Dinner (26/03/03)

TUC Women's Conference (12/03/03)

"Changing World - Challenges to Government and Trade Associations" (11/03/03)

International Women's Day Debate (06/03/03)

"Creative Economy" - Lord Mayor's Trade and Industry Dinner, Mansion House, London (26/02/03)

Energy White Paper (24/02/03)

William Channing Award (05/02/03)

Advancing Women in the Workplace (28/01/03)

Chemicals Industry Association (23/01/03)

Women in IT Conference (22/01/03)

Trade and Development: Europe's role in spreading prosperity (21/01/03)


Awards for Responsible Capitalism (27/11/02)

E - Summit (19/11/02)

Daycare Trust Conference (13/11/02)

Asian Trader Awards Event (12/11/02)

T&G Manufacturing Conference (11/11/02)

LGA Economic Regeneration Conference (05/11/02)

Quoted Companies Alliance Dinner (30/10/02)

The British Retail Consortium Annual Dinner (29/10/02)

Leading Edge ICT Seminar (22/10/02)

European Union - Challenges and Opportunities (16/10/02)

The Government view on Business and the Environment (10/10/02)

100 Group Speech (08/10/02)

Institute of Public Policy & Research Manufacturing Project Speech (23/09/02)

The Royal Television Society (10/09/02)

Science Strategy Document Launch (23/07/02)

Full and Fulfilling Employment (11/07/02)

Invest UK Annual Review of Operations 2002 (10/07/02)

Company Law Speech (05/07/02)

Celebrating Excellence in the Knowledge Economy (03/07/02)

Royal Society of Chemistry Parliamentary Links Day (25/06/02)

Labour Market Speech to MEPs (19/06/02)

UK Labour Market (29/05/02)

National Federation of sub-Postmasters Conference (21/05/02)

Intellect Launch (16/05/02)

Council for Excellence in Management and Leadership Report (13/05/02)

Research Councils UK Launch (01/05/02)

British Chambers of Commerce Annual Conference (22/04/02)

Russian Economic Forum (18/04/02)

Housebuilder of the Year Awards (28/03/02)

Statement to the House of Commons (06/03/02)

Reforming Europe's Economy: Obstacles and Practicalities (04/03/02)

Trade & Industry Dinner (27/02/02)

Social Enterprise & Co-operatives: 21st Century Businesses (26/02/02)

Keele University (21/02/02)

Women in Rural Enterprise Conference (07/02/02)

The Lisbon Agenda - Delivering Jobs and Prosperity for all (06/02/02)

NCVO Annual Conference (06/02/02)

TUC Flexibility for All Conference (05/02/02)

QED Annual Review (24/01/02)

The Future for Manufacturing Industry (23/01/02)

Women in Science - the 10th Anniversary of the Daphne Jackson Trust (21/01/02)

The Annual Dinner of The British Israel Chamber of Commerce (16/01/02)


The CBI & Real Business Magazine 9th Growing Business Awards (06/12/01)

Proshare Awards Speech (04/12/01)

Building a high productivity, low carbon economy (04/12/01)

Yorkshire Forward Business Lunch (30/11/01)

"Made in Sheffield" Dinner (29/11/01)

Free and Fair Trade for Peace and Prosperity (06/11/01)

"Building a Stronger World Community Through Trade" (25/10/01)

"Economic Reform in Europe : more important than ever." (24/10/01)

TUC Congress (10/09/01)

Free Trade For a Fair, Prosperous World (24/07/01)

Business in the Community Awards for Excellence (11/07/01)

Business And Society - Roles and Responsibilities (09/07/01)

Statement at the Press Launch of Enterprise for all (18/06/01)

Business Unlimited : Investing in South Africa Conference (14/06/01)

AEEU Conference (13/06/01)

Regulating UK Communications (22/03/01)

"The UK Online: The British Government's approach to e-business" (19/01/01)


Creating Competitive Advantage in the Knowledge Economy (21/11/00)

European Telework 2000 'New Ways of Working' Conference (13/09/00)

World Congress on Information Technology: "Better Government: The Vision and the Challenges" (14/06/00)

Microsoft Government Leaders Conference (07/04/00)

e-Commerce Strategy Presentation by the Minister for e-Commerce, Harvard Information Infrastructure Project (14/03/00)


Business Link National Conference (19/10/99)

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