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Welcome to the Connected website

If you’re working to reduce gun crime in your community, then the Connected website is the resource you need.

Gun and knife crime, and street gangs, cause tremendous harm to our communities. I am very aware that there is a good deal of excellent work carried out by people on the front line who are working their hardest to counteract the damage caused by these tragic events. Too often, these people receive only modest credit, but our debt to them is boundless. I would personally like to thank you all for the work you are doing in communities across the country to tackle gun crime, knife crime and gang problems.

Law enforcement and legislation alone cannot address the wrongs of this underlying culture. It has been over a year since the Connected website went live and we remain committed to supporting you in your work to fight crime in your community. I welcome all of you who are visiting this website and hope that you find it useful.

Our Connected Fund continues to provide financial support for small community groups. The work of your organisations, running recreational and sports activities, mentoring projects, educational schemes, and supporting victims and witnesses, is invaluable. I wish you luck and hope we can continue to work together to improve people’s lives and make our communities safer.


Here you’ll find information about the Connected Fund, funding sources and other community projects in your area.


What's new?

18 November 2005
The Connected Fund – which provides small grants to local anti-gun crime projects, has opened a fourth round. The deadline is 16 December

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Connected Fund
- closed on 16 September. Find out what happens to your application now

About Connected
Learn more about why the Connected programme was set up and its overall strategy and aims

Sources of Funding
Find out about other possible funding opportunities in this comprehensive resource of advice, support and funding options

Facts and Figures
Get the present position on gun crime in the UK and find out more about the government’s strategy

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