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Ministerial team

Lord Sainsbury of Turville
Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Science and Innovation
Responsible for Promoting World Class Science and Innovation

Lord Sainsbury of Turville


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  • Lord Sainsbury was appointed Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Science and Innovation in July 1998, with responsibility for the Office of Science and Technology, Research Councils and space matters.

  • Chairman of J Sainsbury plc and a Director of Giant Food Inc until July 1998. Finance Director of J Sainsbury plc from 1973 to 1990 and Deputy Chairman from 1988 to 1992.

  • David Sainsbury became Lord Sainsbury of Turville in October 1997.

  • Chairman of the Governing Body of the London Business School from 1991 to 1998. Received the Award for Distinguished Leadership in Business from Columbia Business School in 1990. Member of the Committee of Review of the Post Office (Carter Committee) from 1975 to 1977; member of the Dockland Joint Committee from 1978 to 1981; member of the IPPR Commission on Public Policy and British Business from 1995 to 1997.

  • After reading History and Psychology at King's College, Cambridge, Lord Sainsbury went on to receive an MBA (Master of Business Administration) at the Columbia Graduate School of Business in New York.

  • Author of a Fabian pamphlet, 'Government and Industry: A New Partnership'; co-author with Christopher Smallwood of 'Wealth Creation and Jobs', published by the Public Policy Centre.


Date Title
08/12/05 Cambridge MIT Institute (CMI) Dinner
08/12/05 Humanities in the European Research Area (HERA) Conference
25/11/05 Science Policy in the Global Knowledge Economy
24/11/05 Technology Programme Autumn 2005 Competition Launch
22/11/05 UK Research Base Funders' Forum Plenary Conference
16/11/05 Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) Plenary Dinner
15/11/05 Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) Meeting
11/11/05 Opening of Inion's European Technical Centre
10/11/05 Investing in Innovation
09/11/05 International Standardisation Organisation Meeting on Nanotechnology Standardisation
01/11/05 Chemistry Week Launch
26/10/05 The Role of the Minister for Science and Innovation in the Knowledge Economy
25/10/05 Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (PPARC) Space Reception
07/10/05 Creative Economy Conference
06/10/05 United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) Tenth Anniversary
05/10/05 Marine South West Conference
01/10/05 CEFIC - Global Chemical Industry European Convention
29/09/05 Micro and Nanotechnology (MNT) Network Event
22/09/05 European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures Conference
20/09/05 Erl Wood Laboratory Expansion Opening
08/09/05 The European Researchers Charter and Code of Conduct
07/09/05 UK/ Korea Future Mobile Education Forum
22/07/05 Joint Meeting of the Physiological Society and the Federation of European Physiological Societies
18/07/05 Fifth Anniversary of the Science Council
13/07/05 Hearing of the European Parliament's Industry, Research and Energy Committee
05/07/05 Intellectual Property Crime Congress
30/06/05 Cassini-Huygens Media Briefing
29/06/05 Parliamentary Space Committee Reception
18/03/05 Engineering your Future
17/03/05 Opening of the New Faculty of Science and Engineering at Manchester Metropolitan University
16/03/05 The Presentation of the 2004 SIMR Andrew Blake Tribute Award
15/03/05 Cross-Government Information Day on Science and Innovation
04/03/05 Opening of the Andrew Huxley Building
25/02/05 Nanoscience and Nanotechnologies: Opportunities and Uncertainties
24/02/05 Science Specialist Status Launch
17/02/05 Building Bridges Through Cooperation


SETNET Conference (15/12/04)

Opening of the Science Learning Centre (13/12/04)

Opening of the Oxford University Information Engineering Building (10/12/04)

ESW Annual Dinner (09/12/04)

Exploiting the Knowledge Base- Generating Demand from South West Businesses" (09/12/04)

The Value of the Engineering Technician to Business (29/11/04)

Universities in the Knowledge Economy (22/11/04)

SETSparks Event (03/11/04)

Design Council Reception (28/10/04)

Ninth Annual Conference of the German British Forum (14/10/04)

Opening of the Dorothy Hodgkin Building (23/09/04)

Sir Peter Mansfield's Nobel Prize (22/09/04)

London Design Festival (21/09/04)

Technology Opportunities from CERN: the Impact of Big Physics on Industry (16/09/04)

Exploiting the Electromagentic Spectrum (16/09/04)

Patent Study Event (15/09/04)

7th Meeting of the Sino-UK Chemical Group (13/09/04)

Corporate Venturing Conference (10/09/04)

International Space Day, Farnborough Air Show (21/07/04) 

Aerospace Innovation and Growth Team Reception (21/07/04) 

European Tech Tour Association Gala Dinner (30/06/04)

Beagle 2 Inquiry: Opening Statement (24/05/04)

UK-Swiss Science and Technology (04/05/04)

Technology Strategy Information Day (26/04/04)

Welcome of Dr Otto Wiesheu (04/02/04)


ETB's Open Day (10/12/03)

Prospect for Renewable Energy and Research in a Liberal Market (04/12/03)

Young Climatologists Network Inauguration (03/12/03)

Proteomics Applications for Understanding Diseases (02/12/03)

Working Together to Stimulate Innovation (02/12/03)

CST Launch (01/12/03)

Launch of the UK Standard for Professional Engineering Competence (01/12/03)

Rosalind Franklin Award (27/11/03)

UKBI Conference (10/11/03)

Chartered Institute of Patent Agents Annual Congress (06/11/03)

Naming of the New Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) (05/11/03)

Information and Communication Technology (30/10/03)

National Measurement Awards Networking Event (08/09/03)

LDA's Life Sciences Strategy Launch (22/07/03)

Eighteenth UK-Japan High Technology Industry Forum (17/07/03)

Skills Strategy Launch (09/07/03)

Genes to Therapies – The Proteomics Route (23/06/03)

Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund (JDRF) Dinner (23/06/03)

BioIndustry Association’s CEOs’ Dinner (22/06/03)

Bio2003 Global Biotechnology Forum (22/06/03)

Opening Scynexis Europe Ltd’s Drug Discovery Site (09/06/03)

The Cambridge Phenomenon - Fulfilling The Potential (06/06/03)

Best Practice and Enterprise (05/06/03)

CHEMSPEC Europe Exhibition (04/06/03)

Russian High-Technology Business Days (04/06/03)

Launch of Beagle 2 (02/06/03)

European Space Policy Consultation Workshop (20/05/03)

Mars Express/Beagle 2 (19/05/03)

Innovation UK Launch (14/05/03)

Opening Of The Humber Engineering Training Centre (09/05/03)

Overview of UK Science Education and New Initiatives (29/04/03)

Official Opening of The Boulby Underground Laboratory for Dark Matter Research (28/04/03)

DNA 50th Anniversary Dinner (23/04/03)

DNA 50th Anniversary Launch (22/04/03)

Opening Of I-Zone Technical Textiles Incubator Project (07/04/03)

Adding Value to SMEs (02/04/03)

Academy of Medical Sciences Forum Launch (31/03/03)

International Spinal Research Trust Parliamentary Reception (27/03/03)

Learning and Skills: Delivering Results Conference (26/03/03)

Launch Enterprising Oxford - The Growth of the Oxfordshire High-Technology (24/03/03)

The Economic Potential of Space (24/03/03)

Opening Session: An Introduction to Innovation (17/03/03)

Communications Bill Updates (12/03/03)

UK Space Strategy (11/03/03)

'Women in Science' - The Athena Awards (26/02/03)

'Engineers of the 21st Century Inquiry Launch' - London (21/02/03)

Official Opening of the School of Engineering, Birmingham University (12/02/03)

Taking Clusters Forward (04/02/03)

Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership Launch (16/01/03)


Chemicals Innovation and Growth Team Report Launch (11/12/02)

TCS Awards 2002 (05/12/02)

3i Enterprise Dinner (02/12/02)

Biotechnica Business Forum (28/11/02)

Final report of the Innovation and Growth Team for the Environmental Goods and Services Sector (21/11/02)

International Biotech Keynote Summit (19/11/02)

ETB 3 - Year Business Plan Announcement (18/11/02)

Science Centres & Museums - Engaging the Public with Science & Technology (14/11/02)

European Interparliamentary Space Conference (13/11/02)

UK Aerospace & Motorsport High Performance Engineering Partnerships (13/11/02)

Accelerators Science and Technology Centre (06/11/02)

FORGE 2 Guidelines launch (05/11/02)

Vision and Venture Event (05/11/02)

Urban Summit Session on "Making Towns and Cities more Competitive" (01/11/02)

UK-Korea 3rd high technology forum (28/10/02)

Southeast University Professors, undergraduates and graduate students (23/10/02)

Opening of the Kent Innovation Centre (16/10/02)

Science Business Reception (14/10/02)

Opening of the Medical Engineering Laboratories at Queen Mary, University of London (10/10/02)

Anglo-Korean Dinner (08/10/02)

Opening of Surrey University Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing (07/10/02)

Opening of the new Advanced Technology Institute, University of Surrey (07/10/02)

Q2002 (30/09/02)

SME Technology Days Conference (26/09/02)

Official Opening of Peakdale Molecular's New Research Facility and Headquarters (26/09/02)

Launch of the Darwin Centre (24/09/02)

International Symposium on Ocular Immunology (23/09/02)

A380 Opening Ceremony (19/09/02)

Faraday Partnerships Directors' Conference (18/09/02)

Young Engineer for Britain Awards (17/09/02)

Opening of the Kent Innovation Centre (16/09/02)

Official opening of the Shine Knowledge and Innovation Park (13/09/02)

Stem Cells: Propects for Research and Therapy (11/09/02)

Foresight Consultation Launch (10/09/02)

Introductory Speech for Science Year Projects Awards (10/09/02)

International Spinal Research Trust Annual Conference (06/09/02)

Peter Briggs's Leaving Party (04/09/02)

Launch of the North East Council for Science and Industry (26/07/02)

Farnborough Air Show 2002 (24/07/02)

Supercritical Fluids Plant Opening (12/07/02)

ESRC Connect Summer Reception (09/07/02)

European Southern Observatory Dinner (08/07/02)

Neutrino Factory Annual Conference Dinner (04/07/02)

London Biotechnology Network Entrepreneur of the Year Awards (03/07/02)

Science Council (02/07/02)

Science and Innovation (10/06/02)

Global Biotech Forum (09/06/02)

UK CEO Dinner (09/06/02)

Commonwealth Partnering Forum (09/06/02)

Isle of Wight Enterprise Hub Launch (07/06/02)

Joint Research Councils Business Plan Competition (08/05/02)

Research Councils Conference 2002 (01/05/02)

London Bioscience Innovation Centre Opening (01/05/02)

Prospects for Cambridge - What Government is Doing to Make Cambridge More Successful (10/04/02)

Cambridge Display Technology Visit (10/04/02)

Opening of Kamelian Ltd's Indium Phosphide Semiconductor Manafacturing Facility (08/02/02)

Launch of National Respect Campaign (07/02/02)

London First Centre Investors' Dinner (05/02/02)

Opening of the new Centre for Molecular Biosciences (01/02/02)

Japan 2001 Digital Technology Exhibition (Delivered by Sir David Wright) (31/01/02)

Science and Engineering Ambassadors Launch (31/01/02)

Opening of Visteon Technical Centre (30/01/02)

DTI's Technology Transfer Conference (17/01/02)


Launch of Science Year (07/09/01)

Speech at the opening of the Science Communicators Forum (06/09/01)

Commercialisation of Microsystems 2001 Conference (04/09/01)

"Government Policy on Increasing Innovation" (11/07/01)

The UK Industry's Position (04/07/01)

Presentation to Science and Technology Attaches Conference (29/06/01)

The Institute of Nanotechnology Conference. (20/06/01)

The Opening of the Genetic Therapies Centre (18/06/01)

Speech to Research Councils (24/05/01)

Microsystems - The Big Future (04/04/01)

The Asian Technology Markets Conference (21/03/01)

"Performance and Challenges of UK Physics" (20/03/01)

'Taking a Small Look at Life' - Joint Research Councils Event in Life Sciences (19/03/01)

Launch of The National Science Week (16/03/01)

Speech at The Science Reception (05/03/01)

Official Opening of Chilworth Business Incubator (23/02/01)

Speech on The Hawley Report (14/02/01)

Launch of the Mercia Institute for Enterprise (26/01/01)

The Business Innovation Centre at Binley Business Park (26/01/01)

The UK Science Parks Association (18/01/01)

North West Knowledge Economy Conference (09/01/01)


The Inaugural Industry Forum Networking Event (11/12/00)

Launch of People Skills Scoreboard for the Engineering Industry (08/12/00)



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