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Our purpose, aims and values

Our purpose, aims and values

Building a safe, just and tolerant society is our main purpose.

We aim to make a difference in the real world, helping build a society in which people are safer from crime and there is equality and fairness for all.

Our aims are that:

  1. People are and feel more secure in their homes and daily lives
  2. More offenders are caught, punished and stop offending and victims are better supported
  3. Fewer people's lives are ruined by drugs and alcohol
  4. Migration is managed to benefit the UK, while preventing abuse of the immigration laws and of the asylum system
  5. Citizens, communities and the voluntary sector are more fully engaged in tackling social problems and there is more equality of opportunity and respect for people of all races and religions

You can find out more about our purpose and aims and how well we are achieving them in the Home Office Annual Report 2005.

Our values

In September 2005, we launched our values which were developed in consultation with staff and stakeholders. They underpin how we will achieve our purpose and guide our behaviours.

Our values are:

  • Delivering for the public
  • Being professional and innovative
  • Working openly and collaboratively
  • Treating everyone with respect