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Efficiency, effectiveness and the control of costs in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Phase 2 - Analysis and the development of opportunities for change - report by Collinson Grant  (PDF, 284 Kb)

The FCO has published a number of other official documents:

The UK's 2nd report on the Council of Europe's Charter for Regional or Minority Languages  (PDF, 547K) Supplement to Second periodical report from the United Kingdom on the Council of Europe's Charter for Regional or Minority Languages  (PDF, 193K) Annex A: Scots Gaelic census figures, 2001  (PDF, 61K) Annex B: Census returns Irish, 2001  (PDF, 13K) Annex C: Knowledge of Irish, 2001  (PDF, 52K) Annex D: Knowledge of Manx Gaelic, 2001  (PDF, 159K) Annexes E-G: Scots Gaelic  (PDF, 14K) Annex H: Education (Scotland) Act 1980  (PDF, 377K) Annex I: Standards in Scotland's Schools  (PDF, 12K) Annex J: The Grants for Gaelic Language Education (Scotland) Regulations 1986  (PDF, 24K) Annexes K: Draft Guidance on Gaelic Education (issued under the Standards in Scotland's Schools etc. Act 2000)  (PDF, 12K) Annex L: Report of the Select Committee on the Greater Use of Manx Language, 1985  (PDF, 877K) Annex M: The Future Development of the Manx Language, 1995  (PDF, 1.2MB) Annex N: Broadcasting Act 1993, Gaelic broadcasting  (PDF, 15K) Annex O: BBC Northern Ireland, Irish Language TV Output 2002-06  (PDF, 32K) Annex P: European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages, Guidance on Meeting UK Government Commitments in Respect of Irish and Ulster Scots  (PDF, 318K) Annex Q: Annual Report of the Gaelic Broadcasting Commission, 2004  (PDF, 281K)
Departmental Investment Strategy 2005  (PDF, 405K)
UK Crisis Management  (PDF, 267K) Presentation by David Fitton, Head of Consular Crisis Group, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, at the EU Crisis Management Seminar on 13 April 2005

Review of the Supervisory Activities of the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission and the Financial Services Commissioner  (PDF, 1.7MB)
FCO Efficiency Technical Note, 2004  (PDF, 31KB) The Technical Note offers further detail of how the FCO envisages making the 2.5% efficiency savings in its core expenditure agreed as part of the 2004 Spending Review. Consular Strategy for 2004-2007  (PDF, 175k) This Consular Strategy for 2004-2007 describes how we plan to supply consular services effectively, how we will manage the increasing demand for our services and how we will secure the resources we need to do the job. The Strategy directs how we work for the next three years.

Highlights of the Consular Strategy  (PDF, 419k)

e-diplomacy: the FCO Information and Communication Technology strategy, January 2004  (PDF, 513K) The FCO's ICT strategy begins by setting out our vision of what kind of ICT the FCO should have by 2010. It explains how we will achieve our ICT goals.

FCO Business Plan 2003-06  (PDF, 1.4MB) The Business Plan sets out the FCO's objectives and targets for 2003-2006, and outlines how the FCO intends to work towards them.

Joint FCO/TUC leaflet September 2003  (PDF, 67K) A leaflet jointly produced by the FCO and TUC, setting down how the FCO can provide help to British Trade unions in their work abroad.

Public Diplomacy Strategy May 2003  (PDF, 14K) The purpose of this strategy is to inform activity by public diplomacy partners and identify a common agenda around which they can focus their collective efforts.

Departmental Investment Strategy 2002  (PDF, 126K)
Departmental Investment Strategy 2000  (PDF, 93K)

Stakeholder consultation report  (PDF, 400K) The FCO has also been consulting its stakeholders to find out how we can work for and with them more effectively and you can read the final report prepared by independent consultants.

A Human Rights Approach to Prison Management  (PDF, 505K)
Community Perceptions of Forced Marriage  (PDF, 433K)
UK Second Report to the Counter-Terrorism Committee pursuant to paragraph 6 of Security Council Resolution 1373(2001) of 28 September 2001  (PDF, 85K)
The FCO Estate: A Plan for Action  (PDF, 940K) When the Prime Minister launched the Better Public Buildings initiative in November 2000 he urged ministers and departments across government to work towards achieving a step change in the quality of building design in the public sector. Ministerial Design Champions were tasked with overseeing the production of departmental action plans that would set out how design quality could be improved in their departments. They were to ensure that procedures were in place to encourage the achievement of high design quality and that sufficient resources were allocated to ensure its delivery.

The above document is the FCO's 'Plan for Action' in response to those initiatives. It describes how our estate, both at home and overseas, is looked after and developed and how we propose to maintain the high level of design quality that has been achieved in our most recent new buildings.

European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages: Initial periodical report from the United Kingdom  (PDF, 174K) European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages The UK ratified the Charter in March 2001 and by doing so undertook to protect and preserve Welsh, Scottish Gaelic, Irish, Scots and Ulster-Scots as an essential part of the UK's cultural heritage. On 1 July 2002, the UK submitted to the Council of Europe its first report on implementation of the provisions of the Charter.

Dealing with cases of forced marriage: Guidelines for police  (PDF, 1.7MB)
Hague Conference on Private International law: Questionnaire concerning the practical operation of the Convention and views on possible recommendations: Response on behalf of the Central Authority for England & Wales  (PDF, 44K)
Five year (1995-2000) review of the Wilton Park Executive Agency  (PDF, 56K)

Some documents on the FCO website are published in the Adobe Acrobat PDF (Portable Document Format) file format. To view or print them, you will require the Adobe Acrobat reader software which may be downloaded free of charge from the Adobe website. The Access Adobe website provides information on the accessibility features of Adobe products.