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The Foreign and Commonwealth Office works towards achieving its objectives and strategic priorities through the funding of a number of Programmes, as well as through the traditional use of diplomacy. Each Programme uses its resources to support projects whose outcomes will ultimately contribute towards one or more of these goals. There is an Inter-Fund Working Group to ensure these Programmes work together on key issues like focus, training and the project bidding form. Details of these Programmes are outlined below.

Please note that the Human Rights Project Fund (HRPF) and the Environment Protection Fund (EPF) have been closed down, although existing multi-year agreements will be honoured.

The Global Opportunities Fund (GOF) is the FCO's newest Programme Budget. The purpose of GOF is to promote action on global issues in areas of strategic importance to the UK. GOF has been created to fund projects around the world relating to the FCO's eight strategic international policy priorities.

Diplomatic efforts to tackle drugs and crime are backed up, where appropriate, by funds for bilateral and multilateral project work from the FCO Drugs and Crime Fund (DCF).

The Overseas Territories Department (OTD) has responsibility for the annual disbursement of the Good Government programme budget. Its goal is the maintenance of security and stability and the promotion of transparent, accountable government in the United Kingdom Overseas Territories. A new £3 million Overseas Territories Environment Programme (OTEP), a joint programme of the Department for International Development and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, is designed to support the implementation of the Environment Charters, and environmental management more generally, in the UK Overseas Territories.

FCO Scholarships and Fellowships encourage those who have the potential to become tomorrow's leaders, opinion formers and decision makers to study in the UK. The programme consists of Chevening Scholarships and Fellowships, Marshall Scholarships and Atlantic Fellowships for citizens of the United States, and a contribution to the Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowship Plan (CSFP).

The FCO's Public Diplomacy Challenge Fund was launched at the beginning of 2003. Its aim is to encourage all the UK's diplomatic missions overseas to undertake imaginative and innovative public diplomacy activity in support of their local Public Diplomacy objectives and the FCO's strategic priorities. It is an important public diplomacy tool in the projection of a modern, creative and diverse UK.

In 2001 following a series of cross-cutting reviews to improve the Government's approach to and effectiveness of conflict prevention activity across departments, two Global Conflict Prevention Pools were created. These brought together the knowledge, skills and resources of the FCO, MoD and DFID. The Pools' budgets are supplemented by a contribution from the Treasury.