What is a Performance Partnership Agreement?

A Performance Partnership Agreement (PPA) is an agreement between the Cabinet Secretary (the Head of the Civil Service) and the Permanent Under Secretary of the Ministry of Defence. The PPA forms the single, agreed vision of how the Ministry of Defence needs to develop to meet the challenges it faces, and the priority actions that need to be taken to achieve that vision. It brings together in a single framework all the various strands of current reform - such as efficiency plans, programmes to make the leadership cadre as effective as possible and work to improve the professionalism of corporate functions.

The PPA is a short, summary document cross-referenced to Ministry of Defence’s own business planning documents wherever possible. It starts by summarising the context for reform - the Department's current strategic direction, and the implications that has for how the Department will need to change to make that direction a reality.

The key part of the agreement then sets out the Ministry of Defence's plans for further improving its efficiency and effectiveness, including:

  • Key priority outcomes to be achieved
  • Actions to be taken to achieve the outcomes
  • Key performance indicators against which success will be judged
  • Support and challenge to be provided by the centre of Government (i.e. Cabinet Office, Treasury and No10)

Further information on PPAs can be found at the Cabinet Office website at: www.civilservice.gov.uk/performance.

The current PPA can be found below.

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Last Updated: 23 Mar 05